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Questions from a former Aion compared to release

XepherdXepherd Member UncommonPosts: 105


A couple of questions from an old Aion player of the EU/NA version back in the day when it was released...

Did these 2 things change? :

1) No PVE server and PK killing you during your main quests (/obligatory PVP)

2) No free flight (I remember seeing birds flying around me in some zones, but I couldn't, even tho I had wings myself)

Thanks in advance for your replies - wondering if I should give the game another chance or not...



  • kalpafkalpaf Member Posts: 4

    I still play Aion but I will recommand to you that you forget about EU servers. There  you need to buy "Gold Packs" which can be baught with real money or in-game money in order to use some of the features like: world chat, broker,trading and some more which i don't remember right now. And the player count is pretty low too. The best place to start right now are the NA servers.

    As for your questions: there is a server called "Fast-Track" this is where players below lvl. 55 can farm monsters for quests without being disturbed by the other faction. When you are in the Fast-Track server you can always go to the standard one, but after 50+ you may not be able to return to the FT server. As for the flying there are still zones in which you can't fly.

    The game is worth giving a chance. Good luck.

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