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[Award] General: The Great MMO Face-Off of 2014



  • MikikotoMikikoto Member UncommonPosts: 2
    I fail to see how GW2 is beating ARR. ARR has been solid out the gates and still pumping content with little to no downfalls. 
  • So theres 2 Guild Wars games on here, 2 EverQuest games, Runescape, and Champions Online.. but no Ragnarok Online? Your picks for this competition are flawed as fuck.
  • Originally posted by bangggg4444
    Runescape should win. Best game EVER invented.

    Get a life will ya? Stop making new accounts just to complain that a poll based on opinions are not going your way...

  • Rithic3Rithic3 Member Posts: 1
    Vote RUNESCAPE! 07 is getting better guys.
  • SirBalinSirBalin Member UncommonPosts: 1,300

    Most odd matchups no how could SWG not be in there.  Would have made sense to have things like:

    Darkfall vs L2 (two hardcore pvp games)

    SWTOR vs SWG some research guys...come on....

    "You're either with us or against us"

  • SikksensSikksens Member UncommonPosts: 2
    Defiance vs Planetside 2 so much why
  • bulrog099bulrog099 Member Posts: 1
    Runescape vote is too close
  • armyofcarrionarmyofcarrion Member Posts: 1

    Validly Played characters & time in game is the real winner for this.


    As I know many people voting never installed several of these games.

  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Member RarePosts: 2,375
    Originally posted by bulrog099
    Runescape vote is too close

    yep Asheron's Call should be detroying it.


  • SkeahSkeah Member Posts: 1
    I think you forgot FFXI isnt ?  More than ten years online...
  • AuskingdomAuskingdom Member Posts: 1
    Runecape 4 life!!
  • mozepymozepy Member Posts: 6
    Does Marvel even count? It's just a Diablo clone. It has premade characters!
  • KrightonKrighton Member UncommonPosts: 111
    Originally posted by Thebeasttt

    The hardest decision was TESO vs. Wildstar.

    Both so disappointing.

    I'm surprised Wildstar was even remembered, let alone considered to be in a poll. lol.

  • GuliesGulies Member UncommonPosts: 4

    It is what it is!

  • HyanmenHyanmen Member UncommonPosts: 5,357
    Originally posted by Mikikoto
    I fail to see how GW2 is beating ARR. ARR has been solid out the gates and still pumping content with little to no downfalls. 

    In the West GW2 is more popular.

    Using LOL is like saying "my argument sucks but I still want to disagree".
  • DocFallujahDocFallujah Member Posts: 1
    IM going to venture to say that if any game can beat WOW it would be Destiny. Not because it has more people as i don't know, but because it is on 4 Consoles, which reaches a larger group of people, that WOW doesn't have(meaning they play destiny more than they would play WOW).
  • SiugSiug Member UncommonPosts: 1,257
    Originally posted by Mikikoto
    I fail to see how GW2 is beating ARR. ARR has been solid out the gates and still pumping content with little to no downfalls. 

    Exactly. For me personally GW2 is the best example of an MMO I don't want to play never again.

  • ealelasealelas Member Posts: 1
    Choosing between FF14 and GW2 was so tough for me :/ both are really good games D:
  • DimmerMeerDimmerMeer Member Posts: 2

    Wow, that certainly is very random. Poor Aion, having to stand up against a fan favorite like LotRO. A lot of my friends in Aion actually came from LotRO.


    FFXIV has a hard fight ahead of itself, but I'm happy to see it's keeping up the steam against GW2. I'm just not a fan of the GW franchise.


    ArcheAge is doing great against DarkFall... But honestly, I've never heard of DarkFall until now. It's good to see they've pit niche against niche in this case though, it seems.


    Anyway, to the earlier debate between AA and DF about sandboxes... I think the term is horribly arbitrary. Both claim to be sandboxes, and both have players who either defend or dismiss those claims while they play the game. I think it's a simple buzzword to get people excited that the game might have many, many features, and unique bits of gameplay to them. Seems that all MMORPGs have some form of progression in them. Anyway, they weren't matched against each other because of degrees of sandboxiness. They were matched together because somebody pulled their names out of a hat.


    My argument for ArcheAge against what I've seen of DarkFall thus far would be: Graphics and animation. I'm really picky about how my games look. If it's ugly and has amazing gameplay, I can't play it. If it's pretty and has its faults (but is still playable), I'm a long-term fan. This is why I could never get in to WoW. I didn't like the art style, and when it came out, I had been playing the (more aesthetically pleasing imo) FFXI. And, this is why I don't think I could ever play DarkFall. It's just... ugly looking to me.

  • trancejeremytrancejeremy Member UncommonPosts: 1,222
    Darkfall is basically the hardcore MMORPG that sandbox and PVPers claim they want, but really don't.

    R.I.P. City of Heroes and my 17 characters there

  • blutm8blutm8 Member UncommonPosts: 86
    i dont get it.. you really cant compare those games with each other...
  • MagikrorriMMagikrorriM Member UncommonPosts: 223
    Where is FFXI in the vet catagory? Anarchy Online vs FFXI? Strange there we so few vets to choose from and 2 of them was missed completely.
  • PNM_JenningsPNM_Jennings Member UncommonPosts: 1,093
    I am in physical pain from having to choose between GW2 and ARR. Ugh.
  • VandarixVandarix Member UncommonPosts: 168
    AC vs Runescape lol..... you can tell everyone who voted runescape more than likely never played AC.
  • MrLee95MrLee95 Member UncommonPosts: 7
    How is ESO beating out Wildstar!?!?!? 
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