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EverQuest II: Altar of Malice Collector's Edition Giveaway



  • GreekaGreeka Member UncommonPosts: 26
    Never played any of t Everquest games other then a brief stint of EQ1 when testing a person's computer who was having issues with the games they played.  With this collector's edition and all the expansions it includes it would be a great way to see why this game was referred to as EverCrack for so long.
  • EQ2 is my choice as best MMO of all time. My favorite times were going into tough dungeons with experienced teams. I wish it had a better F2P model.

    The new expansion would let me visit EQ2 again.

  • EQ2 is always my favorite mmo, I've tried tons of games, but I can find home only in EQ2....
  • furidiamfuridiam Member UncommonPosts: 137
    Love the great people playing in EQ 2 looking forward to the expansion!
  • TanlielTanliel Member UncommonPosts: 40
    I've really enjoyed the time that I have spent in EQ2.  It is very solo-friendly, although being in a guild certainly helps with certain aspects of the game.  I find that there are always plenty of things to go do, from searching out collectibles, crafting, and just exploring.  It really is an Explorer friendly game!  Tons of places to see and things to do.  Always exciting to find new ways to die.
  • misticwarrior66misticwarrior66 Member Posts: 1

    I love Everquest 2 i have met some great people. Best time i have had is when questing or doing heritage quest with quildie's.


  • braamerbraamer Member UncommonPosts: 88
    Best moment was finishing the betrayal quest line. I loved being able to switch sides.
  • inmysightsinmysights Member UncommonPosts: 424
    I think the most enjoyable was when they finally added flying to the game! It is just so much fun to travel this way, I just wish they would have added it sooner!

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  • NatjurNatjur Member UncommonPosts: 125

    One of my favorite experience was seeing Vision of Vox

    Killing her in EQ was a blast and see what became of her in EQ2 and the whole quest chain to learn to speak like a dragon.....blow my mind

  • jetlouisjetlouis Member UncommonPosts: 2
    Something new to kill and more looooooooooot !!!  
  • NildenNilden Member EpicPosts: 3,389

    This looks really cool, flying dragon people, please sign me up!

    As someone who played EQ1 from launch until Discord but never really tried EQ2 because I played WoW, I would very much love this opportunity.

    After seeing this:


    In this thread My desire to play this game and see what they have done in 10 years is having me cross my fingers. More research must be done on this game.

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  • ZelousAbyssZelousAbyss Member UncommonPosts: 8
    I was not one of the first to play since launch day, but I would have to say the most memorable moments within the EQ2 world for me, would be the Adventure.  Every moment this game brings a new form of Art and uniqueness to our lives, with new lands to explore, enemies to fight, and most of all friends to be made.  I remember creating my first character, a Gnome Warlock. Once the game loaded, and I was ready to play. I called my brother up who was a hardcore MMO player at the time. You got to check this game out I said. It had things I had never seen in a game before. The animation, the voice's, and I said look closely  his mouth is moving to the words. Things stick with you that have made a positive impression in your life, and I would have to say EQ2 has been one of them for me. I would have to say Thank you to all Staff members, and a huge Thank you to the community for the best 6 years I have had so far within the EQ2 world.

  • angelsweepangelsweep Member UncommonPosts: 8
    The feeling I got the first time I saw A Troll..... Pure Awe. EQ2 has the best trolls EVER
  • FelklawFelklaw Member Posts: 2

    With all the great experiences, the most memorable still has to be the very first time I died whilst crafting.

    Both hilarious and profoundly saddening at the same time.

    But also just another example of why I grew up loving EQ and EQ2 vs. some of the "softer" alternatives.

  • bohrium924bohrium924 Member UncommonPosts: 23
    Favorite Memory - Getting my Epic again!! I remember the long long quest in original EQ and it was no different in Eq2.
    Excited about new raids to come!
  • ghoulblazeghoulblaze Member Posts: 1
    hi been away from e2 forever, but i loved the detailed crafting system and the social interaction in the game. really looking forward to the new race in this expansion and getting back into the swing of things.
  • dramdrumdramdrum Member CommonPosts: 6

    Ah EQ2... the memories...


    Played a shadowknight for quite a long time, best tank in the game imho.

    Favorite experience by far, doing old content to powerlevel some friends and being able to regularly pull half the dungeon, dust the floor with them and keep going. Makes you feel kinda invincible :D


  • WeissesWeisses Member UncommonPosts: 5

    I still remember starting off as a fighter, at lvl 10 becoming a crusader, and finally at lvl 20 becoming a Shadowknight... I remember I dinged lvl 20 fighting that Queen spider under Blackburrow.  I was so proud to have that harm touch.  Too bad the cooldown was crazy.  

    I have to say I am most excited about exploring the new zones.  I have always loved just relaxing and questing, really taking in the zone for what it is.  







  • shalhassanshalhassan Member UncommonPosts: 43

    I have been playing EQ2 on and off since launch. It's the MMO for me that I will always go back to. I play for a bit, wander off to something new, and always find myself back in the world of Norrath. 


    There's something about the feel and flow of the game that always brings me back for more. I'm not sure if it's the nostalgia of the world which I discovered during EQ1, and seeing how it's changed over the years. I'm not sure if it's the sense of scope, with so many classes, races, and zones to choose from. I'm not even sure if it's the massive amount of mounts, collections, and costume pieces that fill my need to hoard. 


    My favourite memory of EQ2 was likely on launch day. I had finished the Isle of Refuge, being blown away at the graphics, and the amount to do in one small zone, and decided that I needed to see how the Commonlands had changed. I must have spent hours just running around exploring the zone, blown away at how big it was. 


    I may not be able to put my finger on the exact reason, but EQ2 has easily provided me with the most amount of fun I've ever had in an MMO.


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  • SinsaiSinsai Member UncommonPosts: 405
    My favorite moment was the day of release when I first logged in on my Dwarf Priest and I was stoked to get him to 10 to choose to be a Cleric but the highlight of that day was getting him to 20 so I could finally choose to be a Templar. 
  • TattoochickTattoochick Member UncommonPosts: 4
    Camping Ramanai, for the Lightstone Heritage, back when it took a real long time. Really loved those days.
  • Charlie.CheswickCharlie.Cheswick Member UncommonPosts: 469

    Favorite moment was the first time I logged in. Entering the world for the first time. The wonder. The awe. The possibilities.

    I've had many fun moments in the game over the years but nothing beats that first time.



  • LoneGreyWolfLoneGreyWolf Member UncommonPosts: 10
    My favorite EQ2 experience was stepping foot back onto Kunark. Ruins of Kunark was my favorite expansion in Everquest and it was only natural that once the continent of Kunark was available for EQ2, it would become my favorite expansion for Everquest's successor.
  • Dampiel_szDampiel_sz Member UncommonPosts: 73
    My favorite memory playing Everquest 2 was signing in for the first time and hearing the old everquest 1 login music that had been redone for everquest 2. I had so many fond memories playing Everquest 2 and i still love to get into Norrath and slay some monsters!
  • SerignuadSerignuad Member UncommonPosts: 98

    Proudest moment in any MMO Ive played was my finaally earning my Cloak of the Harvester on my way too low level (level locked while in a Progression Guild)  Ratonga Warden, Asiago. Soo much harvesting. Soo much searching for nodes. Soo many death. Soo much softy whimpering to myself while curled into a ball and soo many premature grey whiskers.


    But nothing has since or before beaten the feeling of accomplishment I had wearing that cloak around -well that and finding a half-eaten cheese sandwich just lying there on the Freeport docks that one time (seriously, who only eats only half of a cheese sandwich??)



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