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  • BigbooBigboo Member Posts: 201

    Both have good questlines, but Swtor is far better. 

    Both have closed "closet" worlds with loading screens, Swtor has spaceship flights or regular flight, Eso just a boring loading screen.

    Both have fun crafting, Swtor have companions to help, Eso dont

    Swtor have companions to help you in fights, Eso dont

    Swtor have housing, Eso dont

    In Swtor its possible to group up with a friend and do quest, in Eso its not






  • DocBrodyDocBrody Member UncommonPosts: 1,926
    Originally posted by Sevenstar61
    Originally posted by Cryptor
    Every time I re-download SWtOR I am disappointed.  Animations are beyond horrible, it's just embarrassing.

    LOL, your opinion. In my opinion SWTOR has one of the best animation in genre

    Here is video in slow motion of sith marauder in SWTOR. If that is bad animation, I don't know what good animation in MMO is


    looking great, but seriously who needs this idiotic flytext in MMOs? looks horrible and ruins everything

    first thing to turn off in every MMO

  • VlackeVlacke Member UncommonPosts: 155
    SWTOR hands down in my opinion, it's an excellent game currently plus the new expansion is just around the corner.
  • d_20d_20 Member RarePosts: 1,878

    ESO for me because it's a lot more fun and open. The stories are good. Character customization and combat are better.


    Leveling 1-50 in ESO is much more fun than in SWTOR, even though it can be argued that the SWTOR class stories are better (and planet quests too, but the grind in between stories is horrible). For me, the world if Tamriel is so much more alive than the dead worlds (planets) in SWTOR.  I just find SWTOR depressing, to be honest.


    However, I do think ESO has been a paid beta for the console launch. There are lots of bugs with each patch that take a while to get fixed. Also, the game is going through a major change with removal of the horrible Veteran Rank system and implementation of the Champion System. I hope the Champion System will be better. But no one will know till it's actually implemented. And I'm sure the patch will break a lot of stuff and take a while to get sorted.


    SWTOR is fun if you just want to jump into the warfronts for some pvp, do space battles, use group finder to run some instanced flashpoints, and if you don't mind gear-grind endgame. However, the grind is soul-crushing tedium. I would only stay subbed if the 12x XP stays active for people with one level 50 character already. There should be no need to quest through all the planet stories again on an alt. To be fair, a lot of people feel that way about ESO, especially with the current Veteran Rank system.



  • Ronald88Ronald88 Member UncommonPosts: 56

    Thx all for your help.

    I decided to play SWTOR and if i dont like it, then i will try ESO.

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