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Dragon Age: Inquisition -- should I buy it?



  • KoroshiyaKoroshiya Member UncommonPosts: 265
    Originally posted by rhan101277

    So I'm reading how the PC controls suck ass?  Should I wait for that to get fixed? No mouse look etc.


    Fixed dumb grammar

    there is mouse look you just do like you do in an mmo, hold down the right mouse button and look around, the only time pc controls suck  for me is when you go into tactical view because it can be a bit confusing at first... but as others have said, setting up your tactical page on followers will negate really ever having to use that unless you want to pause and get something to drink or move characters somewhere else.

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  • d_20d_20 Member RarePosts: 1,878
    Thanks. I wanted you guys to talk me into it. I'm downloading now.

  • HefaistosHefaistos Member UncommonPosts: 346

    DA:I is really worth it. You should search this weekend for -50% deals. 



  • TheAmazingDwarfTheAmazingDwarf Member UncommonPosts: 234
    The game on PC is clearly designed with a controller in mind. The tactil side of the combat is not very functional, it's less frustrating just playing like an kind of action game. But beware that dual wielding rogue is a mess as class, you'll end up running around enemies and dying a lot, they'll have to rebalance the class, I guess, it has no buffs.

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  • EladiEladi Member UncommonPosts: 1,125

    should you buy it... hmr.. theres -alot- wrong with the game, but it also hits the nail when it comes to making a epic rpg.

    There are a lot of technical issues currently that make the game almost  impossible to play for some folks , only for that reason alone i would say to wait for the first big patch before buying it. the patch will also tell us at least a little about the commitment and quality they will put into the game post-launch.  that there is no hotfix yet after a week kind of worries me coz the issues are as severe as wearing down your ssd and overheating your system.

    The UI is what you expect from a Console port, little to no ajustment for PC gaming so it can be anoying at times.

    The Open world side quest part of the game is .. a grindfest at best.. and open world..well..its a

    " Open zone free roam along and avoid invisible walls game"

    They also changed the pick you fav team to a pick you fav warrior/healer/thier trinity team game, you are soft forced into picking a trinity team at all times due to all the content you can only acces if you have sertain members on youre team to pick locks, heal and rez and bash true walls


    If i had known.. I would not have brought the game.. yet

  • cheyanecheyane Member LegendaryPosts: 7,422

    I just got it too but have not played much yet am still undecided between a mage and an archer.


    The poster above me talks about the holy trinity and the necessity to bring certain people to pick locks or bash walls in I think the main reason is that it could be based on D&D rules .The fighter,healer, damage roles needed may be. I'm not sure about the rules am not very well versed with Gary Gygax's creation.


    However they crafted this world with traps,parts needing these skills and it will be wasted in this world they crafted if you did not make up a party with those roles to enable you to use that content but you may not play them so strictly I think. I saw a youtube video where they spoke of the buffing the artificer can do for the party and they can use crowd control very well so you might be able to play with a more control based group. I think right now people are still trying out the classes and we are still unsure what each class can really achieve and for all you know you may be able to make a completely unconventional party and still succeed.


    I for one am astounded at how gorgeous the detail on the armour and my character's face is in the cutscenes. In fact I spent so much time redoing the character for the cutscenes I spend hours on that and did not really play. image

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