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Is the cash shop P2W

makasouleater69makasouleater69 Member UncommonPosts: 1,096

I asked in the chat and they were kinda vague, and besides asking in a chat never works lol. If you ask the people in uncharted waters online if the game is pay 2 win they will tell you no, but that game is 100 percent pay 2 win, and is why i quit  it, and am looking at this.

If any one knows please share:) I see it has boats in the cash shop, but i dont know what they are, or how they compare. I am not sure i would quit if it was just boats, because boats get blown up in this game. What made me quit UWO, were speed boosts that made you go faster then any one who didnt buy them, also sails ect........... The boats in UWO are all pay 2 win, better then anything in the game, but never blow up.


  • MogrisMogris Member Posts: 10

    The biggest ships, 1st and 2 rates require cash shop only made parts. They are quite rare. There a few other ships are called 'clowns' because only jokers who pay for their ships have them.


    A bigger problem is that the game is a ghost town. The economy is all but dead, it was interesting back in the day, but the player base isn't coming back.

  • KieferCKieferC Member UncommonPosts: 26

    For the economy-  certain recipes are a pay once, and own it forever via the TA (treasure aisle/cash shop), along with certain writs for the special ships.  For the most part everything is obtained through the crafting and/or economy of the game.

    For pvp- arguably there are a few pvp items one can get via the cash shop that will gain you a marginal advantage.  I have yet to blame P2Win in any of my losses.

    From what I have heard about other games FtP models, PotBS doesn't have an issue.  In fact, I think it gives the free player too much for nothing.

  • BluddwolfBluddwolf Member UncommonPosts: 355
    None of the cash shop items in PotBS are play-to-Win items (not even the ships), and the ships are available in game through other means.

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