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EQN's primary focus is the PS4?



  • AlleinAllein Member RarePosts: 2,088
    Originally posted by Rydeson

    And because you have to keep LoS and keep moving while healing, all spells and skills have to be "insta" cast to avoid the dreaded "INTERRUPT".

     In shooter combat, a second delay is a game breaker.. That ONE second in a game where players are mobile means everything.. I shot you!.. No you didn't, your computer made you think you did, but in reality, I moved a 1/2 second ago and you missed.. Lag sucks.. 

    the issue is FINDING that player that needs heals in a crowd of moving targets and actually HITTING your target without missing or hitting the wrong target.. 

    While not the best videos, here is basically what you are describing and saying can't/won't work.

    Healer, moving around with a target that is moving around in a large group in a typical mmo raid boss encounter. Lag, LOS, finding them, etc don't appear to be an issue what so ever.

    While a lot of the skills are instant, there are still some with casting times and they can be interrupted (haven't played Tera since early on, but assuming this is still the case).

    Notice the lock on target feature and the green numbers (heals). It works even with a more trinity and dedicated healer design.

    Now imagine something similar, but remove at least half the UI, zoom in a bit, and have less skills to focus on. Shouldn't be too difficult to be a healer, CC, support or whatever with what EQN is proposing. 

  • AeliousAelious Member RarePosts: 3,521
    Originally posted by Rydeson
    Originally posted by Aelious

    You seem to think "we're" not getting it and somehow you and your "vets" do.

    Aimed combat is not acceptable to you. That's fine, it doesn't need to be in order to make EQN or have it be fun. Mechanics wise it's different but can accomplish the same goals, despite what you think dictates "real" healing. I for one can't wait. I have to however so I'll keep enjoying my tab target fun until then because I can enjoy both :)

         I went and looked how aim combat works in a number of games such as PS2.. It is painfully clear that some promoting aim combat are supporting a  PVP mentality.. As one thread in "The Pub" section talks about.. PvE and PvP do NOT mix well, and I wholeheartedly agree.  Playing a combat medic is a DPS hybrid class.. Which is what I'm saying about ALL these new classes in these moba style games.. EVERYONE is forced to dps, or they hurt themselves and the group they are in..  In a PvE world, aim combat requires certain skills be nerfed, or ignored for the sake of PvP balance.. As a combat medic can I stand back and shoot long range 20 meter heals?  OH HELLLLLLLLLL NOOOOOOOOOO.. And rightfully so too.. But if you think active shooter combat is fun in a PvE world, I don't.. 

         As I said, and I think most everyone on this website agrees.. PvE mechanics do NOT mix well with PvP mechanics.. EQN is obviously trying to appease the PvP crowd at the expense of a well rounded and exciting PvE game play..  But we'll have to wait and see, but lets see if EQN allows me to snare targets and kite them to death.. or lets see if EQN allows me to mez or charm targets for MINUTES at a time, or lets see if we have the magical ability to levitate and run over valleys like "spirit of eagle" or dmf..  I suspect from what I have seen so far that melee combat will be avoided, so why bother with damage shields when most everyone are using range weapons.. LOL  I wonder if I can use my archery skills to fire a "sleep" arrow that stuns my target for 1 FULL minute? OH NO, I doubt that as that would not be PvP friendly.. LOL  Get the idea now?    But like I said, we'll see what the array of SKILLS and SPELLS look like once SOE releases them, IF they ever do..


    I would be among those that agree that PvP balance shouldn't hamper PvE functionality but I'm not sure what that has to do with the issue at hand: combat functionality between aimed and tab target combat. Automatically assuming that aimed = PvP is like saying sandbox = PvP. Yes, you find them together but they don't have to be exclusive. The second part of your post I agree with, let's see how SoE handles skill variety and mechanics within an aimed combat framework. That's all we really can do when talking about EQN specifically.


    In general terms however I'll stick to my assertion. Aimed combat can provide the same expanse of abilities and quality of encounters while adding a more immersive aspect by giving the player full control over their character. Arguably, just because aimed combat can provide these things doesn't mean developers will design is as such unfortunately. With more titles emerging with aimed combat however chances are better then ever.

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