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scaramooshscaramoosh Member Posts: 3,424

Dunno who your with now but they are horrid!


- Full of bugs (like post a message but it goes to a blank screen then you have to go back and try post again often causing a DP)

- Sometimes broken (atm i cant click on any of the side game forums ebcause it loads into a roken screen)



Don't click here...no2


  • ObraikObraik Member Posts: 7,261


    Definetly getting frustrating....



  • SigneSigne Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 2,524

    I've finally found a post of Scaramoosh's that I agree with! ::::35::

    Fix the site... it's pretty awful. It gets tiring having to copy my own posts before I click the "post message" box, just in case it doesn't go through. Look around. There really isn't any reason for a site to run this badly today. Please fix it... I'm sure many people have crossed this site off their list because it runs so badly. I've come close.

  • JodokaiJodokai Member Posts: 1,621

    I have to agree. Maybe it's time to archive everything and start fresh with new boards. It kills me to say that, because it will destroy a lot of my arguments when I can't go back and prove what people have said in the past, but I think it's worth it.

  • C.L.O.U.DC.L.O.U.D Member UncommonPosts: 365

    i think the forums are fine they run fine with me.

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