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EQ2 questions and some imformation

viet_boy33viet_boy33 Member Posts: 395
Well i need some questions answered. What is the point of the house of the game? Weird? Thats my only question right now. Here some imformation. In EQ2 i remember reading somewhere that the weapons you use can break and you need to repair them that kind of too much roleplaying. Also give me any other imformation you guys have.

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  • Supa.FlySupa.Fly Member Posts: 1
    Houses could serve a storage purpose, like instead of carrying everything if you didnt wanna destroy it but you didnt need it on you, u could store it in your house. Well thats how it is in SWG, the houses have a storage limit and so does your character and larger houses can store more amounts of items.

  • simsloshsimslosh Member Posts: 30
    yeah i got a question.can you play offline by yourself?

  • rathmarathma Member UncommonPosts: 3,786

    Originally posted by simslosh
    yeah i got a question.can you play offline by yourself?

     No.. Online only.


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  • simsloshsimslosh Member Posts: 30
    thx rathma

  • GnarledGnarled Member Posts: 566

    Honestly, why do you guys dig up these 6 month old threads. . . If you have a question make a new thread. I was about to ask Viet why he was making threads about EQ2 if he was in WoW beta (because that would have told me something). Now I know why.


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  • FhyreEnyceFhyreEnyce Member Posts: 23

    Why houses?


    Well my firend, George Carlin says it best..."It's just a place for your stuff".  For Rp'ers, I would think its an additional avenue for them to RP as well.

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