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Changelog v.0.0.9 [Ghost Busters!]

JogobogosJogobogos Member UncommonPosts: 172

Changelog v.0.0.9

– added big improvement which should fix “ghosts" bug

– improved collisions detection in melee combat

– fixed bug causing much faster stamina usage and regeneration

– fixed bug causing controller locking after respawn

– decreased backstab damage multiplier from 1,3 to 1,2

– decreased critical hit damage multiplier from 2x

– fixed bug causing character’s bending when attacking (upper and lower body parts synchronization)

– fixed stabbing animation for one-handed weapon

– fixed displaying of flags possession state on map
– implemented additional, symbolic amount of experience points for capturing the flag, gained by all players of capturing nation
– fixed bug requiring player owning two different tools at the same time to create an item, while only one of them should be required

– adjusted gahtering time for different resources

– removed few terrain gaps

– fixed some displaying speed of different mobs animations

– adjusted weapon attack cost according on equipped armor


  • JogobogosJogobogos Member UncommonPosts: 172

    v.0.0.9f1 Pre-Alpha

    – added 6 damaged versions of longswords to mob drops

    – improved displaying of NPCs and mobs animations

    – increased server stability

    – fixed displaying of players characters rotation when they stand still

    – improved camera’s work inside the buildings

    – improved accuracy of players and mobs positions synchronization

    – fixed bug causing a “shell” remaining on client side after mob’s death

    – fixed bug causing some of resources not disappearing after gathering them

    – fixed bug with calculating chances for dropping certain items from chests

    – fixed bug causing displaying other players without their equipment

    – fixed bug causing displaying players names in wrong colors

    – fixed bug causing displaying names of other players in left bottom corner of the screen
  • JogobogosJogobogos Member UncommonPosts: 172

    v.0.0.9f5 Pre-Alpha

    – implemented starting armor selection in character creation progress
    – added starting armor sets (medium and heavy) for Midlanders and Ismirs
    – added option to change password and remind login from the game
    – implemented new function for crafting window – player can click RMB on material’s icon to open it’s recipe (if it’s learned)
    – added option to invert directional attacks
    – extended stagger time when enemy blocked an attack
    – shortened stagger time after blocking enemy’s attack
    – increased stamina regeneration when character is running
    – reduced stamina costs of performing attacks
    – modified damage ratio when stamina is low – such an attack will give 60 to 100% nominal damage, according to left/required stamina rate; we decided to implement this solution because results of official polling for Community polling brought no winning option
    – increased bows damage
    – improved hits and blocking detection for longswords
    – improved shield blocking detection
    – fixed bug making some of recipes unable to perform
    – fixed bug causing incorrect stamina usage when keeping weapon hold

    Currently we are working on big update for graphics and optimization – we are implementing rocks generated by game engine instead of separate models to increase game’s performance and it’s visuals. We are also rebalancing equipment to make player’s progress more fluent and to reduce differences between light and heavy armors.
    Besides of that we are working on linking game accounts with accounts on our website, implementing new GUI and – finally – testing dialogues system!

    New mountains test screen:

  • JogobogosJogobogos Member UncommonPosts: 172

    v.0.0.9f6 Pre-Alpha

    – Added recipes for hard and semi-hard steel ignot to shops with crafting materials
    – Partly rebalanced the equipment – reduced differences betweed light and heavy armors
    – Added minor improvements to mobs drop
    – Improved camera’s work – better collisions with terrain
    – Implemented new version of logging screen
    – Fixed deleting of characters
    – Added various improvements increasing the server’s stability and reducing probability of desynchronisation

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