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Did they ever add PvE and Naval combat yet?

MMOExposedMMOExposed Member RarePosts: 7,079
Have the game added PvE and Naval combat yet?



  • TallynTallyn Member UncommonPosts: 217

    Neither of those yet and there probably won't be much word on them until late 2015, I'd say.

    They are currently working on automated turrets and from that project they plan on spawning other AI oriented features.

    You can actually run around and shoot some rudimentary AI soldiers on the test server for free. It's not much but it's something.

    Something to note is that they just transferred the code over to the Playstation 4 so a lot of priorities got shuffled around, to the great dismay of many paying customers. That's a topic for another thread but I wanted to mention it here so you don't get your hopes up.

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