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Star Citizen - Aegis Bulldog-class Twin-Engine Deep Space Fighter

ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 10,232


"At $59 million, you voted for the Twin-Engine Deep Space Fighter, the first pure fighting ship we’ve seen added to the lineup in quite a while. The deep space fighter was inspired by the twin-engine aircraft of World War II, like the de Havilland Mosquito and the Messerschmitt 110. While there’s no “night” in space, there are reasons for wanting a ranged fighter… and the ability to fight in all-weather conditions take on an entirely new meaning in an environment with meteor storms and sensor-dampening nebulae! Here’s the new ship:

  • Aegis Bulldog-class Twin-Engine Deep Space Fighter – Strike hard from a distance! The Bulldog, a recent design from Aegis, has quickly become Earth’s premier deep space fighter. Deep space fighters are typically used to pursue engagements in outlying areas when support from a carrier is not available. Bulldogs are usually flown by ground- and station-based naval forces, and are widely used by militia squadrons. Specifically designed to operate from planetary bases and engage targets up to a star system’s distance, the fighter trades some maneuverability for an extended supply of fuel and munitions as well as basic survival accommodations for a pilot and radar operator. The Bulldog’s RIO operates a turret, the ship’s missile loadout (optionally) and its highly advanced sensor suite. This distinct scanning array gives the ‘Dog a particular advantage when fighting in and around an obstacle such as an asteroid field or nebula! Finally, the Bulldog is known to be an extraordinarily sturdy spacecraft, with multiple backup systems not commonly found in single-seat ships; stories of Bulldogs limping back to base with a single engine and half their fuselage exposed to vacuum have become common as the battle against the Vanduul has heated up."
If its like the Me 110, thats a heck of firepower. And this twin seater might become the starship of choice for gamer couples ;-) .... she is in front, he is shooting ....
Have fun


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