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Cryptic closes down STO maps over exploits.

HarikenHariken Member EpicPosts: 2,571

In the strangest  move yet,Cryptic has decided a way players have been playing for years is now an exploit. Running a partrol mission over and over on elite in the hopes of getting a good loot drop. But now with the new update players are doing the same thing but now rushing to max lvl and maxing out the specialazation tree gets you over 2k of dil. Which now cuts into their wallet if players are not buying zen for dil. The boards are on fire. Its a pretty funny read. As Cryptic hasn't said why this is an exploit if players have been doing it for years.




  • ValoreahValoreah Member Posts: 75

    Historically, Cryptic generally doesn't discuss specific details behind what they deem as an exploit.  There is a little more to this than just teaming up and farming.


    There were some issues raised regarding how NPCs scale when teamed and the team matches the lowest level person.  If you read the patch notes, this was the main issue that what was addressed.  This was brought to Cryptic's attention on the Tribble test server prior to the release of Delta Rising and it was never fixed, so take that for what it's worth.


    With that said, how they've handled the whole situation is terrible IMO.  The whole Delta Rising expansion really isn't very good to begin with and this crisis has just made things worse.  The expansion is incredibly light on content and it is littered with even more money sinks. 



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