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mmo to rp game of thrones

hey guys i was wondering if anyone could reccomend a mmo where it would be easy for me to rp as someone from the Stark family. also looking for active pvp. and would diablo 3 work? i know its not a mmo but its got online and pvp so if theres a game like that and it would work thats fine. thanks guys 



  • HauvarnHauvarn Member Posts: 220

    Sounds like a lannister in disguise.

    Yes I played SWTOR.

  • sacredfoolsacredfool Member UncommonPosts: 847

    Originally posted by nethaniah

    Seriously Farmville? Yeah I think it's great. In a World where half our population is dying of hunger the more fortunate half is spending their time harvesting food that doesn't exist.

  • KhaerosKhaeros Member Posts: 452

    I found two MUSHs:


    Blood of Dragons

    Steel and Stone


    Text based games, but you can't be really picky with the options left to you, right?  You'd have to check out their websites to see if they allow you to use Stark PCs.  MUSHs are typically all about the RP and have little actual combat.


    If that doesn't appeal, I suppose you could make some sort of clique on any of the medieval fantasy MMOs and just RP it there.


    Diablo 3 doesn't have a server browser, so unless you filled your friends list with all the people you want to RP with, I don't think it will work so well.

  • Chaos_AmunetChaos_Amunet Member Posts: 9

    I really hope this game has good RP servers in addition to the obvious combat components, because it just won't be A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones without a cutthroat political element.

  • XandraZoeXandraZoe Member Posts: 1
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