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How to get started as a true noob?

MadCoderOneMadCoderOne Member UncommonPosts: 220

First TIA for any help you can provide....

I have never played, is it "too late"?

If I just jump in and play through the story missions is that a good way to get started?

I picked science when I started last night, sort of feeling like that may have been  a mistake for a first time player, any thoughts before I get too much farther (lvl 6 currently).

I started Romulan, is their story a good one?

Any good getting started guides you know of, I looked and didn't find anything near recent.


Love long...



  • anothernameanothername Member UncommonPosts: 194

    It was never really too late & since it just got a really big add-on like patch this week with level increase its even less of a problem.

    Missions & the occasional patrol mission are a good way to level. Or at least were, have not started a new char since the recent addon; might have been some changes.

    Most ppl feel that Tactical is the best for start. Overall its subjective and since STO is far from a rigid holy trinity system you should be fine with any char. Rule of thumb:

    Ground -/- Space:

    Tac: bonus to dps, dps group buffs, dps debuffs -/- bonus to dps, dps buffs

    Eng: support gadgets like turrets, shildheals, summons -/- tank & hull repairskills

    Sci: priest; wizard ( :P ) -/- support, bonus shield healskills, resist skills

    But that refers to bonus feats every now & then on level ups. With regular skills; trait choice; rep-skills etc all can skill tank/dps/support stuff & also you are not forced to pick science vessels because of a science char.

    I like the romulan story arc. IMO best of the three. But thats all subjective.

    This here is also a good place for newb questions:

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