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mmorpg.com Pole Discussion D&D opinions?

Magni007Magni007 Member Posts: 6
I sit just me becuase I am new to this forum.  Trying to join and post, required to added a Pole, sucks. 


I would appreciate all the advice from those who are currently playing, regarding characters types and a overall summary of the game.  I am strategic player and puzzle solver, in real live and in my game playing.  Which characters appear to be more enjoyable, especially those characters who offer a support role.  A overall summary of the game compared to any of the other previous MMORPG’s except WOW.  Thank you all any input sent my way, Magni.


  • toz66toz66 Member Posts: 22

    ddidnt answer your poll m8,answers abit to diverse..but i wll comment on d+d

    having been a avid mmorpg player for some years now, playing many differant titles, i started d+d beta today with some intrepidation,... and i ave got to say, first impressions are a bit unknown really,.

    the graphics are very nice, as to be expected, but at the minute, all be it very early on in my game play, i find the control system hurrendous i have never been a fan of w,s,x keys for movement in any pc game tbh, prefering the very nice wow type movement.

    now i will say here for anyone who yet doesnt know,this game so far is nothig like you have played in mmorpg terms, so far every quest is totally instanced, (meaning yu are on your own, (or grouped), in every quest .

    and also the game is like an adventure game, like pull levers,open doors, open chests, all very very differant,but thats not to say its not good, but i iam telling you now there will be a smple 50/50 split on this one i think, meaning you will either love it or hate it.

    so far iam about 60% on the side of likeing it, the control system lets it down i think.

    oh finally for now, may add later....but iam a wizard..and the spells are very strange so far, needing scrolls to use some, and having to rest and charge up before using them...very strange so far.

    ill probaby comment more after a big session tomoz...feel free to ask any questions, ill try and answer them.

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