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Instances in TCOS

Will they be in the game world? I checked the faqs and couldent get a real answere for this regarding if they will be using instances or not.. i hope not :).


  • druarcdruarc Member Posts: 182

    I'm pretty certain they will be used for ancestral quests, which you get from the oracle. These are sort of time traveling dream quests, which teach you about the history or possible future of the relm. They are required for the oracle to give your house knowledge of new shards.

    And yes this info is on there site reading the scrolls will give you a lot of insight into the game ;)

    Excuse the bad grammer and spelling I'm still trying to wake up.

  • CorwynnCorwynn Member UncommonPosts: 24

    We will have a mixture of instanced and persistent content. Some of the things we want to do with quests pretty much require an instance to do. But we also don't want to create a game where you lose all of the feel of existing in a world with others, so there will be a LOT of content which exists in a persistant portion of the world.

    All of the Shard Realms themselves will be persistent.

  • anubisssanubisss Member Posts: 325

    Going on what Corwynn has said i would expect to see plenty of open dungeons or outdoor cave/dwellings along side instance dungeons.Think we can all work out that the ancestral quest will be instanced,this is what i am looking forward to most.

    Going back in time to unlock hidden knowledge is right up my street and the RP element has so much going for it,i cant afford to miss this one.The scrolls are a very interactive idea and its little touches like the scrolls that keeps me wanting more.::::27::

  • BahkBahk Member Posts: 259

    Nice! good to hear this info yeah fewer instances is cool.. but I really miss the open stuff and im glad to see it returning in this mmorpg :)

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