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Delta Rising Mindscape mission [SPOILER]

This is the first mission that is available in Delta Rising on Tribble server!  This mission takes part inside the mind of Admiral Tuvok.  The mission has a strange trippy feel to it and for those who like that sort of mission it may be right up your alley.  I was never a big fan of these types of missions in games so those who do like it will have to be the ultimate judge of this mission. Tell me what you think of the mission so far, is it going in the right direction or is it missing some element?  Understand the current state will change but what is the biggest change needed?


  • dregjdregj Member Posts: 12

    how many people did they consult before they settled on a voyager update ?

    "ah yes the least popular trek show ,those actors will be cheap and desperate for work"

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