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CDI - Collaborative Development - Guilds

ClerigoClerigo Member UncommonPosts: 400



for everyone interested int his subject, ArenaNet launched their latest topic on collaborative development with a strong overview on Guilds quality of life improvements, Guild Halls and most likely approaching much wanted content like Guild vs Guild.

After the last feature pack and some turmoil amongst ANet player base and fans, there seems to be a push, or at least a small breeze of fresh air going around the ranks at ANet, with Chris Whiteside, Mike O Brien and Jon Peters trying to do some approach to community.


I truly believe that this may be the start of a GW2 journey to the unknown, so feel free to stop by and let developers know what you think.


Link to the master sticky with general rules and guidelines


Link to the CDI collaborative post on Guild QoL


Thank you.


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