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Is AC done at the end of this year?

papabear151papabear151 Member UncommonPosts: 110

Played AC on and off for years. Finally decided that I am pretty much done with goofing around with these regurgitated theme park snoozefests and was planning on buying a new copy of AC for the fresh start and the now F2P option.

I know that they arent doing monthly updates anymore (so sad). But, are the servers staying live? I read something about community servers, how will this work?

At this point I'd hate to spend the money to get just a few months of playtime, I don't think that's enough to interest me in coming back.


  • BloodyVikingBloodyViking Member UncommonPosts: 132

    Waste money?! It's now 10 bucks for a lifetime sub. No monthly fees, just 10 bucks and done.


    I bought a sub for my main account pluss a new account so I can mule undisturbed.


    Game is a lot more streamlined and "friendly" travel wise. But its still the same good ol gameplay. I just wish they could remake a true sequel with the same open world, shared dungeons and open character creation.

  • Panther2103Panther2103 Member EpicPosts: 5,569
    Even if it is 10 dollars for a lifetime sub, wouldn't that basically solidify the fact that they aren't updating it? The servers will only run so long even with a 10 dollar B2P price option. There just isn't a demand for this game anymore, unless it gets a complete overhaul. I would think next is server closure once they stop getting people buying it.
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