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(Xsyon Online) - Anyone know this game?

I see this game on Youtube, Looks like Wurm Online, But I did like Xsyon Online more, Because looks better Graphics and you can see your Character, more Customize for Characters , in Wurm Online you only can see your Hands.


This game have Endless Free to Play (Limits)  and Pay to Play


I can't find anything about Open Beta , Close Beta or Alpha for this Game,

But I think is Open Beta, Have 3 Servers 1. War Server (PVP) 2. Peace Server (PVE) 3. Test Server


For you what watch one is Better for you? Xsyon Online or Wurm Online?

I Mean Both Games are Great.

I will try this game.


  • MightykingMightyking Member UncommonPosts: 235

    If you like Xsyon and Wurm so much you might also like A Tale in the Desert. Although at this point it's unclear whether it's still being developed.

    Out of these 3 games I personally like Wurm online best.

  • AethaerynAethaeryn Member RarePosts: 3,135

    I played Xsyon through beta etc until launch.  It is out of beta but is still in its first "stage"  prelude which was supposed to last a few months if I recall correctly.  Actually I think it was only supposed to be until launch.  The development of this game is going at  a snails pace. . and I don't mean big company slow, I mean a few people slow.

    I love the game and the idea but the "freshness" wears off pretty quickly after you have done what there is to do. . which isn't much.  Wurm doesn't look as nice but has a lot more variety of things to do.  Xsyon did just add farming though so who knows. . maybe that will be fun.

    The main problem is that due to the slow progress people do not keep subs going. . they check in once in awhile like me which leave the servers pretty low on population.  It is free though to a point like you said though so give it a shot for sure.  There is not really another game like it.

    Wa min God! Se æx on min heafod is!

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