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The Gods of EQN

NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

info from a year ago, SOE Live 2013

In the new lore of EverQuest Next, Tunare is no longer mentioned as being a member of the pantheon of gods. This might upset some people, but read on to find out what deities will make up the new history of EverQuest.

In this new vision of Norrath, the gods are considerably different than in the original story, and are divided into four religions: The Seraphs, The Four, Veeshan and Nor'I.

The Seraphs

The Seraphs are a group of eight gods, principally worshiped by members of the Combine. This is considered to be the newer, more sophisticated religion. The Seraphs are mentioned throughout the eBook, The Last Stand of the Tier'Dal.

Luclin and Drinal
The goddesses of prophecy and the past. In the original lore, Luclin was the ruler of the Plane of Shadows, and Drinal, was the spirit deity of night, destruction, and death.
Talin (sp?)
This is an entirely new god. She is the goddess of rogues and brigands.
Called 'The Reaper', this goddess was mentioned in the original lore as the 'Prime Healer', and was destroyed by the other gods. She was later replaced by Rodcet Nife.
A name very familiar to EverQuest fans, Solusek is the god of fire as well as learning.
She is the goddess of love, nature and growth. In the original lore, she was simply the goddess of love. Her new role in nature and growth is very interesting, and seems to be Tunare's replacement.
He is the god of war, honor and duty. In the original lore, he was simply the god of valor. His new role as the god of war seems to suggest he has replaced Rallos Zek.

He is the builder, the patron of crafters. In the original lore, Brell Serillis was the creator of the Dwarves, and the lord of the Underfoot.

He the the traveler, the god of weather. In the original lore, Karana was also the god of weather, though was not the patron of travelers.

The Four

This group of gods is considered to be more archaic and primitive. It was founded long before the civilizations of the Dal, and is now worshiped by the people of Halas.

He is the god of water. In the original lore, Prexus was known as The Ocean Lord, and the creator of the race of Kedge.
The goddess of earth. This is a new deity, that was not part of the original lore. We believe this is the name of the continent formerly known as Tunaria.
  Agnistos (sp?)
He is the god of fire, and is a new deity to the lore.
Ancha (sp?)
She is the goddess of air, and is a new deity to the lore.


A female dragon, worshiped by all dragonkind. In the original lore, Veeshan was known as the Mother of all Wurms, and ruled the Plane of Sky. Veeshan clawed the continent of Velious creating the Scars of Veeshan.


The world spirit of Norrath, worshiped primarily by the Kerra. This deity was originally mentioned several times throughout the eBook The Last Stand of the Tier'Dal, but it appears to have since been edited, and now refers to the Seraphs instead.


  • xanthmetisxanthmetis Member UncommonPosts: 139

    yes and i found it interesting in the class panel about how you can get this call and can achievements or faction with but you  will be  decreased in another... The more  you do for said god the more advanced  skills you become with one class... so it would  be hard to be lets say divine and holy... but what was  also stated that it would be possible... i wonder if that would require going to another type of god no within a certain grouping of some sort...   

    I find this to be a very immersive way of adding lore into the game... and making your choices very important because the game remembers then....

    I also like how they said it will take career to master all the classes and max out your skills... I have feeling there will be a lot of people unavailable for the real world for quite sometime... 

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