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For those of you unfamiliar with this project.



  • LachiusTZLachiusTZ Member UncommonPosts: 5

    Apparently most of the people on this forum are lacking perspective.


    Rerolled has a ton of great forums / threads, and there are some jackasses, but there are also a TON of very helpful people that are knowledgeable about a vast array of topics.


    That being said, the Pantheon threads attracted 2 of the most polarized groups:

    1.  Ultra jaded MMO gamers looking for the first sandbox style game (save for EVE) released in a decade +

    2.  People very familiar with Brad and his past.


    You get a spectrum of those 2 groups in those threads, but, those threads are a fairly accurate depiction of the timeline since Pantheon was announced, **AND** are virtually non-moderated.  Which means you get an unfiltered report of what is going on, and some honest discussion / venting regarding it.  Unlike the actual Pantheon forums, which there are several people in those threads that have paid to have access to simply for providing the details of what is going on "in the inside".


    Either way, if you have a higher functioning brain, are able to read and filter, those threads are great references.


    If you are the type that watches commercials for 4hrs a day, and they effect your life in a meaningful way . . . then, well . . . ignore all of this and write Brad a check equal to or greater than your life savings.

  • sn072856sn072856 Member UncommonPosts: 56
    how sad... nothing here says anything about the actual game...

    I have a life, its just different from yours.....

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