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Rubberbanding from hell? When will it be sorted?

SararielSarariel Member UncommonPosts: 301

And before you ask, no, it is not my internet connection.

Especially since dozens of people I've talked to in game as experiencing it, it is causing the game to be unplayable for me, the second I engage in a fight with enemies my game begins to rubberband, my MS goes from a steady 33 to 3k+ for very short periods at a time.     

Has anyone else on the forums experienced this?


  • xpsyncxpsync Member UncommonPosts: 610
    Yes i've experienced it once in a while, not to the point the game is unplayable though. During a very high peak such as the event yesterday it was very smooth no anomalies whatsoever, then late at night low pop and i've had banding?
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