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URU, the walking dead

AtrusVAtrusV Member UncommonPosts: 305

Right now, the game is half dead. It still keeps a small community which sometimes hangs up at some place in D'ni city to talk or share things. The last time I saw a group of them standing together in a circle and talking about the music they were listening via TS (or doing a ritual of black magic, who knows)

The ironic thing is that the game is currently like the D'ni city in the lore of this MMO, dead but some people still want to make it live again. Anyways, being free as it is right now, makes it a good game to try if you are bored and like puzzles. And if you have one or two friends who share your interests, it will be even better. The lore and the inmersion are the best features of this game. However, if you don't know the Myst series, you will be a bit lost



  • SartoriussSartoriuss Member UncommonPosts: 30
    In my opinion, problem is that main focus of URU Live is on puzzles. After completing them all, there nothing to do, for most people. If i might suggest, then i would separate URU Online from its single-player' 'brothers', by story (another introduction etc) and would concentrate game's focus more on exploration of another worlds ...(even though puzzles stay there, where they are).
    Maybe it needs more simplification of adding new worlds/locations into game etc.
  • Anora429Anora429 Member Posts: 1

    The newest updates we have in the Moula community say that fan-created content will be on the main servers in the near future.  Hopefully.  The problem with new content in the game is that, at this point, it more or less has to come from the fans.  When the source code was released to the fans, we had to learn how to use it, how to make new ages, how to make them great quality, etc...   This took time.  Users come and go.  I've only been playing for about ten months now, but from what I can tell, the long-term Moula community is incredibly dedicated to the game.

    For the most part, it is a cerebral kind of game.  We're the kind of community that stand around for entire evenings listening to lectures on the Myst lore in the game.  Obviously, this is a niche game.  But, we are an active community still.  New content is created on the shards and tested, and we're still going.  Still building the world of Myst, if you will.

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