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Riding skill

Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,749

From lotro forum:!

Since I don't have an account there I can't confirm from first-hand that it works, but several folks in game already used it and they say it is. Which makes it an awesome offer...


To put it in contrast, I have the account-wide riding skill (the apprentice one), and it costed me 1995 TP... giving it away for free is massive. Never used Zam before (except reading Torhead every now and then), but I'm seriously thinking about making an account there just to snatch a key for one of my f2p mules... a mule needs to ride too, right? :)

But it's great even for subscribers (without the unlock option), since with it they'll be able to ride at level 5, and not have to wait until level 20. And for premium and f2p, it's a steal.


(hope it's not against the rules to post about other site's giveaways :) )

edit: tested it, works like a charm... f2p mule is happy now :)


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