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Game will come in more than 2 years from now

apanz3rapanz3r Member UncommonPosts: 273
If the game will come in more than 2 years and the only way to get a better ship and better weapons is to pay more, is the game now a p2w (per pre pre alpha) game with item shop ?


  • PioneerStewPioneerStew Member Posts: 874

    I have watched this development with dismay.  I think that investment is there for a reason, it creates strict goals and programmes.  

    This wishy washy crowd funding where no-one is liable for a poor or non-existent business plan is just a bad way to do business. Especially when the likes of kickstarter are skimming 5% without anyone having any recourse to them or their non-existent due diligence.  

    If Star Citizen were a privately funded concern there would have been certain restrictions put on them.  These would have basically come down to investors reasonably wanting a return on their investment within a timely period.  It  would have created a criteria or a programme, and a budget for the developers to work to. 

    In doing so it would have prevented a lot of flip-flopping, wasted time, abortive work, profiteering and inept management.  I personally think that KS and the like have the potential to destroy the gaming industry.  

  • MaelwyddMaelwydd Member Posts: 1,123

    Any ship being sold can be earned by gameplay.

    And to be honest, that is the fun of playing the games, the progression from ship to ship. I will not purchase a bigger ship simply because I find it will ruin the actual game when it is launched.

    And I am getting tired of people constantly bemoaning game developers who complain about how long things are taking as it seems there is a real lack of understanding about just how long these things take to make.

    If you want to be involved in a games development then you can do so by investing. If you are not interested or cannot afford it simply wait. Everyone wants to be involved and have everything now without accepting the limitations.

  • pacovpacov Member Posts: 311
    I must say, over the months you really impressed me as a troll. You never admit it, people always fall for it and you keep coming back with something wrong and negative about this game. Leave him alone guys, don't feed the troll. Just look at his post history, it will tell you enough.

  • AzothAzoth Member UncommonPosts: 840
    What does development time have to do with p2w or not ?
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