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Wakfu: Steam Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Walkyier70Walkyier70 Member UncommonPosts: 67

anybody having problems with these keys ?  off this site

i go to plug mine into steam and its says duplicate key already used

just curious if anybody else run into this






  • folazifolazi Member Posts: 2
    Can confirm I also had this problem with my key.
  • Walkyier70Walkyier70 Member UncommonPosts: 67
    cool thank you for reply
  • folazifolazi Member Posts: 2
    No worries. Abit of a shame as it looked like it would be pretty interesting to check out. Ah well.
  • TorvalTorval Member LegendaryPosts: 20,620
    My key was reported by Steam as already being used.
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  • CarnageBredCarnageBred Member Posts: 2
    Same Problem here... :(
  • barasawabarasawa Member UncommonPosts: 613

    Hate to sound like a parrot, but I got the same error.


    Error I got.

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  • kirak2009kirak2009 Member UncommonPosts: 543
    same problem here

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  • VSpeckVSpeck Member Posts: 8
    Same thing keys already been used. goofy
  • estheticesthetic Member UncommonPosts: 7

    "Duplicate Product Code"


  • resniperowlresniperowl Member Posts: 2

    While I myself have not had any problems with a legit working key, I have several friends that have had this problem.

    MMORPG.com, please address this issue.

  • TorvalTorval Member LegendaryPosts: 20,620

    It may not be a problem with mmorpg. It could be a problem with supplied keys, or it could be a problem with how mmorpg distributes the keys.

    It would be nice if, for every key giveaway page, there was an officially linked thread so problems and feedback can be collected in one place. Sometimes there seems to be an official discussion thread started for a giveaway and sometimes there isn't a thread.

    Fedora - A modern, free, and open source Operating System. https://getfedora.org/

    traveller, interloper, anomaly, iteration

  • DibdabsDibdabs Member RarePosts: 2,961

    It might be worth trying Curse.com, which is where I got a key from and the key worked fine.  I have Curse Premium though, and it may be you need to have that to get a free key(?).  

    It wasn't long before I deleted the game though, since it was far too slow and tedious for my tastes.

  • iFruitiFruit Member UncommonPosts: 98
    Had no problems with mine, redeemed it the second I got it off the site.
  • VoreDockVoreDock Member UncommonPosts: 128
    same here 
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