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Pay 2 Win Features

nachofootnachofoot Member UncommonPosts: 122

Really hard to start in this game.  The rifle you start with is weaker and has less range than the SMGs that take 70-80 hours of grinding....unless you pay2win.  Getting even just a decent gun requires 30-40 hours of gameplay unless you pay2win.


Since H&G doesn't have cheat protection, all kinds exist that often ruin the gameplay of normal players.  Wallhacks, ESP hacks, foliage removal, chams (fluorescent player models), and of course aimbots all exist currently.  This game can be fun to play but, unless you have a strong stomach, it may just annoy you.


  • GrimmxGrimmx Member UncommonPosts: 189

    You know this game is still in Beta right?

    I just started up and have played a few days. Currently aprox 9 hour game time.

    Ive seen no hacks or exploits so far.(not that i know off) Yes it can give some advantages if you buy "progress" in the game for gold, but you dont have to. You can buy ranks, weapons and tanks etc, but you will get it without using gold as well. So i cant see how this is pay to win?

    Ive gotten about 1 - 1 kill ratio as a noob with starting weapons and yes im above avarage in FPS games, but far from best in games like this. Its also fairly easy to get new weapons wich doesnt make you superhuman in any way.

    A shot in the face to a "major" paratrooper will end him and give you his weapon :) If people suck they will suck even with slightly better gear...and soon ill have the same without buying it for gold....

    Sure you have your campers, people that like to farm "noobs" and the "normal" exploiters, but its still beta and its a damn fun game IMO.

    I recommend people try it out. I hope the developers succseeds in balancing this game out and that it gets a healty playerbase.

    Ps: Im planning on using gold on a MP40 for my tanker because he doesnt have the skills to get it otherwise (if not i have to de rank him), other than that ive bought 1 months sub to check it out. Wich its easily worth so far.

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