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[Column] Guild Wars 2: New Players Will Have It Rough



  • shmashedshmashed Member UncommonPosts: 18

    When I played GW2 at launch, that was the best new player experience I think I ever witnessed.  I've played mmorpgs since 1998, so I have a pretty large library of games to compare it to.  Earning experience and levelling up came naturally from just exploring and following the main quest line.  GW2 needs to enrich the end game more though.  I bought it, played it for a month or two until I reached the level cap. I explored the map 100%.  Did all of the jumping puzzles.  One of my favorite mmos was Dark Age of Camelot, so the reason I bought the game to begin with was for the WvWvW system they had.   It was such a ridiculous disappointment.  I eventually quit playing because it bored me to tears.

    Last week I logged in for the first time in almost two years and not much has changed.  Every single aspect of this game is still a grinder.  I'm not sure anything fun occurs end game.  People still run around the map in circles doing event chains.  Since I quit playing there is now a magic find grind, an achievement grind, and a dailies grind. I cannot understand how a game with such an excellent base couldn't have expanded upon it in two years except to add more grinding.  Its as if the person in charge is an mmorpg hater who just dismisses all mmos as grinders.  He tells his minions to go forth, create more grind!  Meanwhile, every flaw that existed since launch is still present.  I wonder if the people in charge of the game since launch are not the same people who made it.  What was once an innovative game at launch has driven itself into a ditch.  New player experience should be the lowest priority possible.

  • GorkosGorkos Member UncommonPosts: 76
    What I don't understand is why do "new players" need tutorials or some kind of help to start playing a game? Whenever I try a new MMO for the first time, I experience everything for myself. When I played my very first MMO 10 years ago no one was there to hold my hand and I learnt everything ALONE. In GW2 I only needed help with jumping puzzles and I looked them up on Youtube instead of whining in the game. Am I just too smart and others are so stupid that they can't do anything alone or what? Common sense, anyone? : /
  • MixxathonMixxathon Member UncommonPosts: 28

    Well, this game was not THAT hard to learn, was it?

    The Secret World..... now THAT was/is a hard game to learn for newbies :)

  • BladestromBladestrom Member UncommonPosts: 5,001
    Originally posted by Spankster77

    GW2 needs many things, but easing new players into the "mechanics" isn't one of them.  I started playing a month ago, and by level 10 I understood exactly what to do.  I have no idea why they are wasting development resources on this, oh wait yes I do, it's because this game is everyone on this sites beloved B2P business model.  How does a company make more money once their initial sales influx is over, sell to more people, which means change the beginning of the game to attract more players.  It's clear that ANet doesn't care how long people play because the bulk of their money is made off box sales.  Sub-less models FTW!!


    sub less models do indeed 'ftw' is what we have got in GW2 and we paid nothing for it. (hint the above redesign for mew players is 1 item in this list that you have grasped onto) (october 2013) is what we last got for the premium sub game in the market - yup 0 new content for £100, 1 billion profit for the year - you could not make it up!

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