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zGRashanzGRashan Member Posts: 8

Zealot Gaming is a large, multi-gaming, worldwide clan community. Being only just over two years old, it has grown exponentially boasting 600+ members with high activity rate, making Zealot Gaming a great community to be apart of. The main language of the clan is English, but consists of many members from around the world; speaking, writing, and understanding English is highly recommended for all members of Zealot Gaming.

Firefall Guild Zealot Gaming is currently expanding into Firefall. We are gathering people to expand our horizons as a casual group aimed towards enjoying the game as a community through game nights, mods, and custom games. Also, we are looking for individuals to lead the division, help it grow, and eventually look into some competitive interests. You don't need to be a pro to join us; in fact you could be brand new and we invite you to improve with us. If you are interested, please check us out!

Mission Statement The mission of Zealot Gaming is to provide and continually develop a fun and friendly gaming atmosphere for its members through creating a strong community setup, engaging members through activities and events, and providing more avenues to game with like-minded gamers. We aim to encourage respectful behavior from all members toward each other and non-members alike, and instill the core values of loyalty, integrity, and zeal in all of our members.

Requirements to Join: Be Active in game and on TeamSpeak Be 16 years old or over Join our TeamSpeak 3 Server. Respect other gamers and clan members!

What We Offer: An organized and easy to navigate website A free for your use VOIP TeamSpeak 3 server. Forums to meet other gamers, discuss your favorite games, arrange game nights and tournaments, etc. A wide range of games that we support, so you would always have someone to play with Dedicated leadership and support to provide you a quality gaming experience and the resources for that Competitive Team Play; Find teams you can join and/or practice with to get better A friendly and mature atmosphere A structured Gaming community that revolves around you, the gamers A 100% open finance policy for all donation an ads so you can see how we run.

How to Join: Registration: Registering involves creating a forum account on our website so you are able to chat with your fellow Zealot Gaming members about all your favorite games, strategies, streams, etc. Application: The Application involves filling out a form giving us the necessary information in order to decide whether or not your the type of gamer we want in our community. Users that fill out the application HONESTLY and FULLY generally get accepted more then their counterparts. Information that is required includes how you heard about us, what sort of expectations you have, and what gaming division you would like to be apart of. After Registering and filling out that Application, it should take no more than 1 week to get a response from a Zealot Gaming Divisional Officer or Administrator. In order to ensure you receive a response quickly, please provide us your Best Method of Contact and the times we can contact you. Thanks for checking us out and hopefully we will see you become the next Zealot Gaming member! Have Fun! Contact a Leader In-Game: MightyBaby or Darkblueeye Contact a Leader on the Forums: Rashan, DarkBlueeye, Hoppeged.


  • zGRashanzGRashan Member Posts: 8
    Hello there! Still not member of Zealot Gaming Army? Why! Join us today! 

    Okey guys, we are starting to farm baneclaw from this week, so if you join you can start the same time as us. 
    We start to focus our self on crafting more, we help everyone to gather materials for his weapon. Join us , help us out so we can help in your progress too.
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