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Forget MMO's 'til Christmas, Gauntlet is coming back!

 Yep that's right!  On September 23rd 2014 the Atari / NES classic Gauntlet is making a come back on Steam!!   Bigger, better, bad-ass-er then ever!! image


    Like most of you, I come here to check on MMO's that have been announced for the past 4-5 years and are not yet released, but when I saw the big pop up about Gauntlet on Steam this morning, I pre ordered it within minutes.  There are a few things in life that really gets me going ;  pancakes, pecan sugar pie, robot chicken and GAUNTLET!   image


  • BraindomeBraindome Member UncommonPosts: 959
    I would have but it looked to me "from the trailer" like they slowed the combat down too much. Will wait and see, but it just doesn't feel right to me from watching the trailer, don't get the original vibe.
  • furbansfurbans Member UncommonPosts: 968
    After the massive disappointment of Baldur's Gate Enhanced, I am incredibly weary of any and all classic revivals.  
  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,631

    lets hope that is the case. Wait and see. Cant wait to get back to my Valkyrie and kick some rear ends..... if they make a good reboot.

  • tawesstawess Member EpicPosts: 4,209

    Looks interesting, i always loved the old classic game and i got my hands on  a in-game item code that i will be giving away on my blog next week.

    Heck i should dust off the old NES and give the original one a spin. I seem to remember it being really difficult and intense... But i was a lot younger too. =)


    I kind of like that combat seems a little bit slower but it could simply be that not as many shortcuts need to be taken these days since a NES was kind of limited when it came to memory. =P

    This have been a good conversation

  • grimalgrimal Member UncommonPosts: 2,920
    I really am so happy this is coming back.  Absolutely loved the original.
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