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What are you waiting for?



  • MumboJumboMumboJumbo Member UncommonPosts: 3,219
    Originally posted by Lokero

    Top of my list would be:  Star Citizen, EQNext

    Keeping a loose eye on a few of the sandboxier types: Gloria Victis, Albion Online, Life is Feudal, etc.

    I'm still waiting for a legitimate sandbox game with decent crafting/trades/player-economy  where I can run my own shops in the open world(like UO, SWG and them).  You'd think such an old and known feature set would appear more often.

    I just want to be that guy who owns/runs that weapons shop up on that hill near that place. :p

    The Repopulation is attempting to have a strong crafting progression path along with your own towns. So too is Pathfinder Online with Player-Created settlements (and buildings).

    I can see the appeal of both EQN and SC. But I think Pathfinder will be more my thing for fantasy and SC will be for sci-fi, personally.

  • MartinAolMartinAol Member Posts: 11
    Originally posted by rojoArcueid
    Originally posted by nariusseldon

    Why "wait" for any MMOs? There are plenty of other fun games to play.


    you can always wait for something new while playing a current game.

    cannot agree more. Waiting is something beatuful. 

  • fivorothfivoroth Member UncommonPosts: 3,916
    I am not waiting for any mmos. I play eso and I am happy.

    Mission in life: Vanquish all MMORPG.com trolls - especially TESO, WOW and GW2 trolls.

  • GurosanGurosan Member UncommonPosts: 24

    Been waiting for 4 years now for 'the mmorpg' that would suck me in and eat me whole, but meh... no dice!

    Have been playing all sorts of things, but always felt burned out and tired of all the copy paste wow-killers and what not.


    Ofc there have been few good months while playing Warframe or Path Of Exile, but even then couldn't get fully immersed in them because one or other thing.

    Also that feel of community and belonging is no longer around, most of people are cold and uninterested in anything on deeper level which leads to sad feel of loneliness and desolation.


    Still hoping for some magical game to show up, that would satisfy my wants, but maybe at long last i should face the facts that new games are not be the games of past and move on with online gaming in general... turn my attention to real life or something. all i know is the void in me grows bigger and makes my mind go insane..


  • NanfoodleNanfoodle Member LegendaryPosts: 8,768
    As of late I have been going back to older games that I grew tired of and after not playing them for years and year they have tones of new content and often not the same game. Right now I am playing EQ2 and having a blast. 
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