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Borderlands: Game of the Year

Hello there, fellow gamers,

Today I was looking on steam and saw something really spectacular.

4 copies of Borderlands GOTY for a tiny US$24.00!!! (give or take a few cents)

So I was just wodering... Does anybody out there play or own borderlands?

I noticed that the online servers have been shut down but lan play is still supported

A virtual LAN network can be created with a program (I prefer Hamachi) so it's basically still

possible to play online. 


I would really like to have some friends to play this with, so if anybody plays this, or would

like to play, leave a comment, or pm me with your skype name.

Also, you can add my FB gaming account: Hunter LH

Thank you for taking the time to read this and take care.




  • ErgloadErgload Member UncommonPosts: 433

    It's a pretty decent game, you might enjoy the single-player, I dunno what you'll do with 4 copies though unless you set up a LAN through Hamachi and give the extra copies to friends.

    Though honestly, Borderlands 2 GOTY is running for $40 currently. You should probably spend the extra $15 and get that instead of 4 copies of Borderlands 1...

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