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Magicka: Wizard Wars!

Hey everyone!


I recommend you try Magicka: Wizard Wars! it's MOBA-based, but uses many mechanics that make it unique from other MOBAs.  You control a wizard with 8 selectable elements, each bound to a key, and you can cast spells by stringing together up to three of those elements (e.g. cast fire spray by casting fire-fire-fire, which is "FFF"; or shoot a chargeable meteor with fire-death-earth, which is "SDF").  There are a bunch of different spell combos, each game is point-capture and lasts around 5-15 minutes, and you can level up your wizard/purchase new gear.  The game is currently in Open Beta, and the development team puts out weekly updates, adding new gears/game modes and balancing existing game features.  Overall, if you're looking for a fun, balanced, and action-based MMO with fantastic PvP, this is probably what you're looking for! 

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