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First 15 levels, what I noticed, an op ed review.

a63ntorangea63ntorange Member Posts: 26

First, thanks MMORPG.com for the beta key.  I refused to do the whole joke of a founders thing for 150 bucks.  This allowed me to make an educated decision on whether to purchase anything or not.  

So I got in to the beta via an mmorpg key i got last night.  Im playing on an ROG asus laptop, with a G force 660M GPU, and a core I7 cpu.  I must congratulate the devs / trion i guess, the game started flawlessly, and I never did find a real bug in about 6 hours of playing it.  If it wont run on your computer, you likely have a hardware issue, or your computer is either too new, or too old.  Im sure after a bit, they will work with amd and nvidea to fix driver issues.


The gameplay, welp the controls are awful and clunky and reminiscent of a playstation 2 game.  The graphics are moderate, but nothing special.  The UI is pretty awful and the game design is pretty bad.  I mean wtf are the priest and farmer bags.  That take labor points to open.... WTF is that all about.    Crafting at low levels is more or less non existent from what I can tell.  I guess if you had an alt for crafting that might work.  Your severely gated, by cash and blueprints or whatever.    Starter mount is horrible, and the entire mount system seemed.... well ... half baked at best.   The infernal questing to at least level 15 was like WoW, but worse. 

Things they did decent, open world works, I swam down a waterfall a few times and managed to go off map for a bit, then came up on a new area, that was probably gated by higher mobs than I could kill.  I was killed shortly after by a mob, due to my losing lock on him and my 1,2,3 didnt kill him like everything else.  I havent gotten a glider yet, but I saw a few people flying around on them, im assuming thats a founder thing. They look interesting.   

All in all, the devs could have seriously just condensed the 30 level tutorial into 5 levels, and just made a sandbox game.  What they have here is some kind of wierd joke.   Its a blatant cash grab all the way, labor points will be the crux of everyone that doesnt have 10 accounts ala swgs charactor limit and lots.   Add in the RMT aspects and welp, I can see where this will go.  Super nerds will dominate and spend paychecks on this a month.  Casuals will rightly see its retarded, and leave after a few weeks, and it will be a very niche game for cash shop bears, and zerg fests. 

Oh well, heres hoping one of the upcoming sandbox games isnt horrible. Good luck to those that play it out, maybe you can work with the devs to turn this into something other than a cat litter box. 


  • a63ntorangea63ntorange Member Posts: 26
    Reserved, Btw before anyone says "oooo you didnt play it long enough!!1!"  "Or go back to wow."  I only play sandbox games, currently playing nothing, except rust or something occasionally.  I also saw most of what was in my review in 6 full hours of gameplay, and really the issues I have with it, I found in the first 10 minutes. 
  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 36,138

    Yep, the point flew right past you, tis OK, AA isn't for everyone, not even sand box fans.

    There is a quite a good game in there, but.... you need patience to find it....well, and a good guild at your back.

    Tis OK, keep waiting.... your game will come along one day.


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  • JimmydeanJimmydean Member UncommonPosts: 1,284
    I didn't care for it when I first started either, the controls and the dated game style took a bit to get used to. I ended up enjoying it quite a bit though, I'll definitely play once it comes out, if only to be one of the free to play scrubs =D
  • fivorothfivoroth Member UncommonPosts: 3,916
    AA felt like cheap F2P garbage. I have tried a lot of MMOs but none of them felt as cheap as this game. Cheesy and cheap is all I can say about this game. OOh, and that interface. Facepalm.

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