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my beef with sb

xakiraxxakirax Member Posts: 30

i liked this game when it came out, well, i didnt then i did, then in the end, i didnt again.

 i got really addicted and was happy while people were still playing it,  then the lag happened, that caused most of the players to leave, that was the begginning of the end, i believe.

   there werent enough people on the servers to make a gvg game work,   i would go out looking for a fight or looking to steal or looking to heal someone in a fight or stealing or what have you,   and there was noone around.  Now,  if they implemented server to server travel, as they planned to in the begginning, this wouldnt have been a problem because people would have gravitated towards the servers that had people and they could shut down the unused ones.  but they didnt implement it at all, so, i have all this time invested in characters on servers that have too few players,   i was on Deception and there was a pretty good group of players on there, i was fairly happy,  then i log on and little by little the numbers drop,  because of nerfs and that whole few weeks of horrible lag killed it pretty bad, but then finally last week i logged in after a month and there was like one person sitting in khar and like 100 people online, even during peak hours (while im working) there werent enough people,  i wish i could move my characters that i spent time on to a better server but i cant so they dont get my money anymore,  they shot themselves in the foot i guess.

   i tried making a character on the death server but at the point i was at,  i already made so many characters already i just couldnt bare to go through noob island again!  its so grueling for the 2-4 days you are on there and there are never enough people to group with to level.     i just couldnt take it, i dont see why they dont implement the test server xp bonus on noob island to players who have made more than (x) amount of characters because there is really no need for them to have to be stuck on noob island all day.  its such a pain, so, ultimately i just quit, i had 3 accounts too, too bad they couldnt just put in a little more effort to make their game work.   but , oh well


i love you but i've chosen darkness

i love you but i've chosen darkness


  • jeep21243jeep21243 Member Posts: 178
    hasnt shadowbane died yet?  i chalk it up with one of the worst games of all time...

  • SerienSerien Member CommonPosts: 8,460


    jeep and i agree on something?!??!?!

    wow armageddon must be near



  • BurningManBurningMan Member Posts: 613
    its too ez to hack a few months ago i had CGW magazine said that some guys town was hacked and everyone was teleported to below the sea and a the guards killed anyone. Well it is cool that u can make a town



  • viet_boy33viet_boy33 Member Posts: 395

    Why do you guys hate the game so badly? Only reason i see is your looking more of a roleplaying game than this, but mostly games like destroying towns, building towns, and killing other people are fun for killer people. Still you guys hack madddd at this game. 

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  • BurningManBurningMan Member Posts: 613
    I don't hate it. I was gonna buy it but  then i heard of a whole bunch of hacking and glitches. Also people saying it sucks. If they improved a bit i might get it. But i do love the fac t that you can build towns thats the good thing about it never seen a mmorpg do that before. I'm sure people just judge the game by a week into play games don't get fun till higher levels when you can go to more places do more quests and my favorite part kill town guards and slaughter npcs!



  • KiamdeKiamde Member CommonPosts: 5,820

    )s too ez to hack a few months ago i had CGW magazine said that some guys town was hacked and everyone was teleported to below the sea and a the guards killed anyone. Well it is cool that u can make a town)

    Happened to my friend Zach. The developers even hacked and remade his town and added some special addition stuff to appologize for the hackers. Cool how they help their victims....but it still has too many flaws.

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  • BurningManBurningMan Member Posts: 613
    ya i luv games ith genorous gms. I hate everquest those gms barely help and take forever



  • squeeesqueee Member Posts: 722
    Why did you quote yourself, with your entire signature included?

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