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idle speculation... IF you were the majority stockholder at Blizzard....

sn072856sn072856 Member UncommonPosts: 56

ok... lets have some fun...

If you were the majority stockholder at Blizzard and they had to do what you wanted........   .....   ......

And you decided to scrap the mythical titan project and instead build WOW2  (like EQ2 vs EQ)

not going to kill wow but add to  the "environment"..


1) what would your story premise be?

2) how would you hook it to the existing WoW?

3) What would you put in it to make it catch 10 million players (with minimal raiding from your existing base)

4) Where would it be?  on Azeroth, Draenor, somewhere else, alternate timeline, alternate universe,  the Titans come to ancient earth,  the Bilgewater cartel invades EVE....  what?


(totally unrelated question: what's up with Chromie cross dressing as a female gnome?)

One item.. no technology here... Its a new game so it will have all the newest, latest and greatest,  graphical, auditory, and other technical features built into it from scratch.  Every new technical feature you've heard of can be included.. mention it if its absolutely necessary and move on.  Assume a multi-year devolvement cycle so your consumer's pc is an extreme high end state of the art (for 2014)  system,  because by 2018-19 it will be on-sale at your local Walmart for $299.00.  (even less if you catch the  sale...)


I have a life, its just different from yours.....


  • RobokappRobokapp Member RarePosts: 6,211
    Originally posted by sn072856


    (totally unrelated question: what's up with Chromie cross dressing as a female gnome?)

    just like guys play female characters, dragons play female avatars.




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