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So what kind of game do you want the NEXT BIG MMO game to be?



  • WhyspreWhyspre Member UncommonPosts: 65
    Originally posted by Muke

    100% sandbox

    multiple 'career' directions instead of just fighting.

    1 big server instead of 1000 'realms' with a population cap.


    no portalling to other sides of the map, I prefer manual travel

    open PVP

    no instance/lobby based game

    steep learning path, no spoonfed game

    prefer sci-fi instead of the usual naked elves in miniscule armor.

    and housing, add mounts. Best gear in the game comes from crafting [how's that... SOMEONE had to craft that +6 Death Sword of Eternal Anguish and there's only one.... oO]

    Still, most of what you've described is in TSW.  That said, you have to think about people who love gaming but have outside responsibilities... if it's all sandbox, that doesn't really leave them much...

    In light of your multiple career direction... how about a dedicated PVP server or area ... that is always gonna be yer sandbox

    Sylentz, GM

    The Elder Gods

  • delta9delta9 Member UncommonPosts: 358

    That is what i want from my next MMO


    So long as they deliver as promised it will be the best MMO in a long time, I dont care how "big" it is (i dont like wow at all which is the biggest in terms of subs) all I care about is a game I can really enjoy and The Repop promises to offer that

  • WhyspreWhyspre Member UncommonPosts: 65
    Originally posted by daltanious

    MMO, possibly fantasy or sci fi, tab targeting (WASD be gone!), 3rd person, pressing mouse buttons to move, ....

    If will be based on the best of the best (Wow & Swtor), with widely accepted controls, interface, ... even better.

    hmm - ok... custom characters - you choose how you grow... a submachine toting thaumaturge? Do it... an uber crafting dorf? Excellent, the greatest thief ever born? go for it... 

    standard movement... arrow keys and mouse

    housing... a place to show off your swag 

    mounts.. rare mounts from world bosses..

    scalable dungeons [ala DnD]

    bust the trilogy- but let folks play how they want... I love speed and dps and dual wield - those are choices that don't support big fat heavy ass armor...

    Think Lord of the Rings [the book, not the game] for a second... if that had been set in an mmo, the ring would have dropped at the end in Mordor... instead it dropped in the first dungeon [so to speak] but it couldn't be used by a low character and it was bound to that character... 

    tab based combat is nice

    FF xiv is a nice game BUT every toon looks like every other toon... no change in end game gear but the community likes it like that - I want my toon to stand out...

    How about craft? Rare mats for rare items... some stuff made rare by the passage of time [world drops] but truly epic items still being made today... kind of an implicit devolution thread - ancient crafters kicked ass, crafters today suck... 

    fully interactable environment... running, jumping, climbing, swimming, flying

    strong threaded quests for themepark, fun pvp [uh... max level characters ganking lowbies or camping destination zones lowbies need to complete a quest - talking to YOU ArcheAge is not a challenge for the max level player and is a turn off for the low level player]

    Did we mention community? I am thinking maturity based servers. Need I say more... ok..  BOOBS!!!  lolz. and sigh...

    Fully explorable,  personal preference, I like titles that mean something... Explorer of the North - your superior knowledfe of this area gives you a greater chance to discover rare items here... something like that

    Account sharable warehouses - BIG warehouse

    Personal inventory automatically splits up mats, weps and armor, quest items and potions...

    Back on pvp.. zones rather than open world EXCEPT if there is a full blown RvR invasion... then you better either hide or grab your weapon of choice... that could be a blast... supply lines... CUT... return craft BURNT... invaders [all invaders] kilt and their gear split... you better REALLY want to invade 

    Speaking on that - you gank someone in your alliance? You are a murderer. No more villages, helpers, quests and when you get caught and kilt, you get a perma-death for that toon... duels of course are exempt... instead of the cute "you are going to jail nothing that passes for justice" I am looking at you ArcheAge [and Aion and Lineage II]

    Insta-grouping is cool, love the way groups form in Secret World and Rift and Terra... free form, friend me and invite or just join in and get STUFF

    Theme? Everything is real - today? Transdimensional... tomorrow? The world goes through a gravity rip and [in the word's of Aphrodite's Child] space is getting bounded, time is getting late... imagination made physical... how about a shifting paradigm that rewards flexibility? Today's strength is tomorrow's fatal flaw... The rise of Chaos... a ragtag group from many worlds and times journeys together to find... causality? 

    There's more... there's always more ...

    Sylentz, GM

    The Elder Gods.... out


  • ArskaaaArskaaa Member RarePosts: 1,261
  • aattssaattss Member Posts: 40

    I would prefer fantasy.


    I don't really care about the specifics of combat, but it should be a detailed system which is easy to learn but hard to master, where numerous factors affect the optimal path of action.

    Factions are artificial. FFA PvP is good as long as it isn't abusable (i.e. griefing), though safe regions should by dynamic factors influenced by the players themselves.

    I don't care too much about controls.

    I prefer dynamic events to dungeons, even if I don't know what those are.

    I prefer large-scale pvp, though arenas sound fun.

    I don't care about housing.

    Sandbox definitely.

  • FingzFingz Member UncommonPosts: 139

    Minecraft harvesting, crafting, building and random map and monster generation

    Eve economy, PvP and politics.

    TERA combat

    Second Life's abilty for users to make actual game items and upload them for sale and use.


  • mysticalunamysticaluna Member UncommonPosts: 265

    Fantasy or Sci fi Sandbox PVE ONLY with Tab Targetting and several thousand Alternate Abilities (AA) and Skill Training

    Dynamic Public Events like Rift and Everquest 2's Storm Gorge/Ring War/Spire Building World Event

    Trinity (Tank/Heal/Dps) only with CC Bard/Enchanter added in and Debuff/Slower Shaman/Beastlord/Ranger etc substitution available

    Scaling content that can change difficulty and Flexible Raiding scaling when you don't have a full group/raid available

    Open World Player Housing and usual WASD/Arrow Keys with Mouse directional movement 

    Mercenaries are only there because the game can't scale, we don't need to dumb it down that way keep the challenge intact. Make content doable for people who can't find a heal/tank like in WoW's scenarios. If you can't find a healer/tank let there be spawning health items or let there be a strategic way of dealing with it. Just more intelligence added to gaming and less grinding/farming content. 

    Oh yes, fun mount/pets that drop off dungeon/world boss open tagging but aren't rediculously low drop rates like WoW and actually exist. Maybe 10% instead of .025% drop rate? That would be fun, and countless "fun" items without inventory issues, "toyboxes" and "archaelogy trophy cases" etc for whatever profession and class items waste inventory slots. Plenty of bank space for cosmetics would be appreciated!! Allow carpenter/tailors to make huge boxes/backpacks like on Everquest 2, and don't force players to be stuck with the original starting backpack like on Lord of the Rings Online and WoW. 

    No dumbed down boring and simplistic talent trees that lock you out of anything, skills with reasonable requirements so that you are allowed to be a hybrid and mix and match what you choose, instead of only the same cookie cutter identical talents that everyone else already has. Tradeskill items that are unique depending on their maker, and glyphs that actually change spell/abilities to multiple different forms. Someone who specializes in a tradeskill society will make a special different version of that item. Tradeskill raids like Everquest 2 only more fun and less grindy.... 

    Very in depth crafting and customization, training for skills like Eve Online, ability to have houses and boats/spaceships if its Sci-fi.

    I'd love a true MMO with both small scale duo/trio and full groups, some instanced dungeons and solo areas to prevent from lagging overcrowding fighting over contested mobs.  Vanguard Saga of Heroes style Diplomacy would be awesome and musician/dancing missions, and several awesome fully open huge expansion planets to explore ala Star Wars Galaxies if it is a Sci-Fi. 

    Long legendary/epic quest lines, for both solo and groupers, fun cosmetic fluff items and variety, constant update patches and world events, farming at your own farm and lots of fun companion pets that maybe even pet battle like pokemon (WoW)... 

    Most importantly however, would be stealth class scouts that can win through strategy / intelligence tactics instead of having to fight like a frontline soldier (similar to Wild Star). Rogues that actually use their stealth to avoid combat and use poisons not to fight but to truly assasinate!! 

    A game where crowd control matters again, where enchanters and bards truly mezmerize and control the fight and mobs aren't always killed aoe with a tank getting spam heals. 

    Where mana preservation is key to healing, and there's some downtime to actually socialize and just hang out. Where buffs are on timers and actually get extended like EQ1 AA, and don't require being in a group for a "permanent" buff with said class. 

    Abilities like Manaflow and Clarity/Bard song would be integral to keeping up mana, abilitys and buffs would be for all sorts of stats like Everquest 1, guilds would own guild halls/guild islands and guild spaceships or boats. Complete with guild mines/farms. 

    Guilds would have a very in depth guild leveling system and special guild only recipes, tradeskills would have their own seperate tradeskill societys and new item/recipes like original vanilla Everquest 2 plans. 

    Combat while mounted would be appreciated, and flying mounts should even have flying combat!!! Boats should have ship battles, and of course fun classes like Dancer/Musician from Star Wars Galaxies should be included to liven up community areas like "Cantinas". 

    Carpenters should have awesome items like Everquest 2, and Farmers would be like Lord of the Rings Online. Fun hobbys besides fishing should be included, and it would be awesome if the game wasn't based on gear grinding and repeatable dailys. 

    Solo quests should have challenge and be difficult, there should be different difficulty settings just like how groups and raids have had normal and heroic "challenge" modes. Heroic should be hard and not dumbed down easy like on WoW. 

    Tanks should not be soloing dungeons from level 1 to 70 or 80. They should actually require groups like they originally did, and not be rushing ahead while the healer and dps are trying to loot the corpses they are leaving in their wake.  

    Above all, the key is variety and customization, adding enough tradeskill items (unlike Star Wars : The Old Republic) and plenty of dye/cosmetic options like Everquest 2/WoW/Lord of the Rings Online. 

    Please, bring back fighting on a mount (like in Everquest 1 and 2), constantly dismounting/remounting  is annoying. 

  • AeanderAeander Member LegendaryPosts: 4,945



    Renaissance fantasy.

    No levels.

    No gear-tiering. 

    Action combat with three soft roles - Obstructor (think Braum from League of Legends), Support, Control. Damage is achieved as a natural extension of any one of these roles. Each class has 3 sub classes - 1 associated with playing each of these roles in a way that is fundamentally different from every other class.

    Progression through earning of a vast multitude of specialized passive and active skills that you must choose between and build with.

    Earn a wide variety of aesthetics and even forge your character's own personal weapon by tracking down and combining unique weapon parts throughout the world. 

    5+ Faction PvP with diplomacy and ever-changing alliances. 

    Each character can choose to be a knight, mercenary, spy, or diplomat and will have a different way of contributing to the war effort depending on the path chosen. A knight is a staunch supporter of their nation in direct battles. A mercenary is up for hire by any nation based on time-contracts; they exist to balance populations and will receive greater pay for signing on with lower-population nations. A spy sneaks into an opposing nation and learns valuable information while assassinating assigned targets. A diplomat negotiates alliances and serves other functions.



  • LalapaseoLalapaseo Member Posts: 16

    Combat roleplaying-heavy -> An improved version of Firefall, with more TF2 mixed in.

    Storytelling-centric, with DMing involved -> An improved version of the Vampire: The Masquerade games back in the day.

    In short, impossible.

  • dreamscaperdreamscaper Member UncommonPosts: 1,592
    I want something that focuses less on combat, maybe like a MMOAG (Massively Multiplayer Online Adventure Game). Something that focuses on the world and its people, not on its conflicts.


  • Agent_JosephAgent_Joseph Member UncommonPosts: 1,331
    only 5+ years old mmo's are big ,nothing in future on horizon

    only EVE is real MMO...but I am impressive with TSW

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