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The Veiled, The Seventh Veil's Darker Sponsored Company out of Phaeros

Chartered Company: The Veiled 
Planned POI: Tavern - The Veiled Distillery 
Affiliation: Phaeros and The Seventh Veil 
Theme: Gather together, have a good time, drink some brews, have some brawls, help the settlement party. The free wheeling, free spirited rough riders of Phaeros and most importantly: The Darker side of The Seventh Veil. 
Alignment: NE, LN, TN, CN 
Roles: All non-good roles. 
Patron Gods: Any non-good

The darker and mysterious part of The Seventh Veil, The Veiled are those of us who handle the jobs others in T7V are uncomfortable doing. We aren't afraid to get our hands dirty, and welcome all roles for those who want to play the darker side, such as assassins, necromancers, thieves, and crafters of death.

Roleplaying: The Veiled is a sponsored company intent on having a good time no matter the outcome. Of course we love our home that lets us do what we do so we want to ensure it is safe and prosperous. Grab a good drink and come brawl with us while we work on controlling Towers in the wars for Phaeros, fight monsters and do some brewing with a bunch of like-minded folks who don’t mind doing what needs to be done. This group will be PvP centric and we will help our members to become PvP enabled while also handling PvE, whether that be stamping out those encroaching on our settlement or escalating the issues around our enemies. The Veiled is devoted to ensuring the freedoms of the River Kingdoms, and then some. We advocate self expression, fun and merriment even if someone "loses an eye". When it comes to defeating our enemies, we enjoy honest PvP combat. We aren't afraid to bring the fight to the enemy, be it lowly goblins or high level PvP. We intend to make our home in one of the controlling Towers surrounding Phaeros though we will roam throughout our lands. For us, the neutral and evil alignments we are associated with, are more about freedom than sadism.

Who can join: The Veiled seeks those who want to have fun, set fire to a goblin or three, enjoy life as it comes and be the sort of folk that your parents warned you about. If you are an individual looking for a good time while not worrying about being a goody two-shoes, looking for a good group of buddies to go out drinking and do some old fashioned brawling and don’t mind getting your hands dirty with all that brew please register on The Seventh Veil's Website then apply to The Seventh Veil here and then join The Veiled here.

Wexel Daventry


  • NihimonNihimon Member Posts: 4
    Hey Wexel, congratulations on being given Alpha Access.  Looking forward to seeing you in-game.
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