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The most free decent mmo I have ever played.

jayemlegacyjayemlegacy Member UncommonPosts: 21

The game I am speaking of is Rift. It has been out for quite a while but I was pleasantly surprised when I decided to try the game again after it went free to play. You really dont have to spend any money to fully enjoy the entire game. I will tell you though that the game is good and fun enough that you will want to spend some money.

One of my favorite things about this game is they dont force you to pvp. Dynamic events/Public Quest groups that you can join promote you playing with others. You can also level through pvp and the best part about this is they actually have pvp sets/weapons that you can purchase with favor in every bracket. So not only are you pvping to level but you actually have stuff to earn as well. I feel like alot of mmo's lack in this department.  In most you dont start getting awesome pvp sets until close to max level.

Anyways if you are considering getting into this game and want someone to game with or need a friend. Hit me up at   Tharial, or Endogu on Wolfsbane. 

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  • SuperNickSuperNick Member UncommonPosts: 460

    Shameless attempt at earning referrals..

    PS: The game is dated to hell. Looks like garbage and feels like garbage, avoid for more modern and capable titles IMHO.

  • ForgrimmForgrimm Member EpicPosts: 2,972
    Referral links are against the rules, you might wanna edit that out of your post.
  • LalapaseoLalapaseo Member Posts: 16
    Dunno if he meant the "most free" or "most decent free" MMO, lol.
  • AlbatroesAlbatroes Member LegendaryPosts: 6,593
    Its not the most visually appealing game but its pretty balanced in most aspects. Dat REX though....everyone wants to buy, but no one wants to sell lol gotta love it.
  • jjddgguzmanjjddgguzman Member Posts: 16
    you have yet to try Firefall, worth a shot, it's free, it's got dazzling visuals, and it's not your usual daddy's MMO. More co-op based but still friendly for soloists, if soloing in an MMO is your thing. At the very least, it's a free RPG.
  • JaedorJaedor Member UncommonPosts: 1,173

    Still enjoying Rift very much.

  • mdrilon222mdrilon222 Member Posts: 11
    tried it, gave it a chance, didn't like it so much for some reason, guess it didn't have a certain charm that hooks me to games. Firefall is decent to say the least, and free as well, plus jetpacks, can't say no to jetpacks.
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