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Shadowbane Trial WTF

MadCow2112MadCow2112 Member Posts: 31
I just downloaded this thing and it's lame at site where i try to make account. At at step 1 when i continue it says ERROR-Invalid username or havent suscribed to a MMO(no idea what that means). Well i know the user name is valid cuz i signed on


  • DerwoodDerwood Member Posts: 25

    The 10 day trial download is how I started my Shadowbane account.  It does work.   I don't recomend that you play Shadowbane.  If loading the game is too complex for you them playing it will be impossible.  image

  • digitydarkmandigitydarkman Member Posts: 2,194
    i know many people whove tryed to get into shadowbane thru this trial and it doesnt work all the time.. sometimes they send you a bunk ass key that doesnt work and the 10 day trial is already expired.. who cares though, shadowbane sux anyway


  • MadCow2112MadCow2112 Member Posts: 31
    o coolo thanks i tihnk imma start looking onto DAOC

  • DerwoodDerwood Member Posts: 25

    Did it work for you Digity?  Have you played?  How many is lots of players?

    If your CD key does not work just get another one! Just start the download and inerupt it.  You will get another CD key.

  • viet_boy33viet_boy33 Member Posts: 395
    I recommend dont try the trial because their some bugs like in 10 days of download it gave me an email you have unlock a new race even though i didnt suscribe. Also i cant even play the game with the video card trial bug where the game will freeze two sec as soon as i enter the character selection screen from my radeon 9600 pro card and ive did everything the gamefaqs said to do.

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