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Is WoD World of Warcraft 2?

FingzFingz Member UncommonPosts: 139

Okay, this guy on this podcast said that WoD is WoW2.  I dismissed the idea and then I thought, WoD is more different from WoW than many WoW clones are different from WoW.  New graphics, new talent system...  Maybe the statement isn't as far fetched as I thought.

Is WoD WoW2 in comparison to vanilla WoW?

Follow up question for those who say no, 'How would a real WoW2 be different from WoW?'


  • AeonbladesAeonblades Member Posts: 2,083
    Uh no. It's not even remotely WoW 2.

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  • Charlie.CheswickCharlie.Cheswick Member UncommonPosts: 469
    I voted yes but really I think it's more like WoW(-7).
  • SquishydewSquishydew Member UncommonPosts: 1,107

    I dont see how it would be, no, absolutely not.

    From what I've heard it seems like more of the same really.


    What exactly made this person say it was WoW2 ?

  • deniterdeniter Member RarePosts: 1,354

    My definition of WoW:


    WoW = Original World of Warcraft + BC + Pre-DF Wotlk

    WoW 2 = Post-DF Wotlk + Cata + MoP, Wotlk part being a pre-patch for WoW 2

    WoW 3 = WoD ??

    So, if WoD makes the game unrecognizable once again, it has to be WoW 3.

  • FingzFingz Member UncommonPosts: 139

    The podcast was 'The Instance' and the guy who said it was Terpster.  Terpster also works for Yogscast.

    If Blizz was releasing WoW2 next month, how would it differ from WoD?  New art?  We are getting new art including new character models.

    I don't know if I necessarily agree with what he said but I thought it was worth discussion.



  • MukeMuke Member RarePosts: 2,614
    Originally posted by Fingz
    We are getting new art




    Outside those character models, what is the new art?

    Apart from that new zone, do the level 1-80 zones get art updates?

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  • BladestromBladestrom Member UncommonPosts: 5,001
    If wod was wow 2 it would offer 60 new levels and content, not 10 levels worth. it would offer a new world, not just x no of zones, all graphic assets in the game would be based on latest textures and engine, and all chars would be new albeit with some meta recognition of previous achievments to hook peeps in.

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  • TalRashaTalRasha Member UncommonPosts: 827
    If wod was wow2, it would not be a continuation using the old engine (and that does not just refer to the graphics).
  • ShadoedShadoed Member UncommonPosts: 1,459

    Absolutely not WoW 2.

    So there are some overhauls in graphics and some additions like garrisons, but of course the same core of the game is there, that hasn't changed one bit. If anything this is a step back rather than a step on, with the numbers squish and removal of redundant stats it is getting closer to the original again rather than further away.

    Blizzard are also doing what they do well and integrating some ideas from other games again like some jumping puzzles becoming more prominent and bonus quests triggering when you enter certain areas, so it will continue to be the best looking mongrel on the block :).

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