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Do you think Google will make a game/interactive real world software?

andre369andre369 Member UncommonPosts: 970

Having taken pictures of pretty much any road in the world. Do you think Google will do something with this that will be interactive? 

With the VR headsets coming and all. Do you think/would you want some sort of "VR real World" to explore? Although they have taken all these pictures and all I guess it would require some sci fi level of software to render it. As the pictures themselves does not cut it for a interactive experience. 

Just a fun idea I have thought about years ago, how cool would it be to play a game where the real world is the playing field. I guess it is more feasible we will have VR headsets with camera and rendering stuff over the live footage. Then we could walk in public looking crazy. 


  • RainGodRainGod Member Posts: 5
    Google doesn't take these pictures alone. Photographers take these pictures and Google pays them with rewards depending on how good the quality of it is, etc. It's unlikely Google will create a virtual world or what-not based on the Google Maps or whatever you are referencing due to privacy laws and such.
  • sumdumguy1sumdumguy1 Member RarePosts: 1,373
     If I understand you correctly this could be a Potentially legal slope.  However there are some other ways they could circumvent the issue.  An endeavor like what you are describing would require lots of development and money.  It require a commitment from Google I am not sure they are willing to make.  The concept is certainly intriguing and I would be interested if such an endeavor took place.
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