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Discovering New MMORPGS

GetlonGetlon Member Posts: 2
Hi Guys !
I Have Been Playing a Lot of MMORPGS This last years ( 10-15 Years ) . 
I Already played The Top Mmorpgs like : WoW , GW2 , Rift , Neverwinter , Dungeons and Dragons Online , TERA , Last Chaos , Dekaron , Perfect World , Aion , RaiderZ , Blade And Soul , Battle of Immortals , War of the Immortals etc .
But I Have not found yet my perfect mmorpg , so i'm here to know if any of you know the perfect mmorpg for me .
I Want a mmorpg with Good Graphics ( Like GW2 , Neverwinter and Tera ) , Good PvP , Good PvE , Good PvP Mechanics , Good Dungeons ( I Love games that you need to do a lot of Dungeons to get that equipment ) ..."
Cya ! Thanks


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