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What is Ancients of Fasaria?

What is Ancients of Fasaria?:

Ancients of Fasaria is a single/multiplayer fantasy online experience where you unravel the mystery behind an illusive force threatening Fasaria and her 3 moons. Journey between worlds as you build your character, level up your skills, populate your space station, collect tribute from your fleet, play slots to earn Platinum Tokens, earn rare items, defeat challenging foes, gain karma, climb the ranks and more.

Brief History:

Ancients of Fasaria is an indie mmorpg based upon the 2D RPG Angels of Fasaria that was first released in 2005. With thousands of downloads and over 48 thousand active users in the browser based game, Angels of Fasaria maintained a loyal following and support base. Fasaria World was later released as the first full MMORPG version in 2009 and was totally re-designed and released as Ancients of Fasaria in 2013. The first expansion is now being released August 27, 2014 and is available for a one-time payment with no monthly fee, or "Buy to Play".

  • Explore Fasaria and her 3 moons - Journey through Fasaria as the main world, and her 3 orbiting moons.
  • Journey through the Planetarium - Travel between worlds using the planetarium, visit your space station and transfer between realms.
  • Populate and build your space station - You get your own space station you can recruit members to join and populate it, buy rare items, play slots and more.
  • Collect tribute from your fleet - You can collect tribute and earn resources and tokens based upon how built your fleet.
  • Level up your skills and character - Skill progression system. Skills get stronger with use and levels up over time.
  • Gain karma and earn rewards - How you defeat foes will determine the karma you gain and what faction you will be aligned with, Karma earns you special rewards and bonuses
  • Climb the ranks and much more - Ranking system for each week gives prizes for active participants


  • SamuraiXIVSamuraiXIV Member Posts: 354

    A quick advice for you: 

    • Build a time machine.
    • Travel in time in the 1990s.
    • Sell this game then.
    • You'll be reach beyond human concept.
    Trying to sell this game now makes you look silly.
    edit: by the way the name Fasaria is a Greek name and it means Trouble ... lol

    " forum admins are all TROLLS and losers in real life"
    My opinion

  • sumdumguy1sumdumguy1 Member RarePosts: 1,288
    This game seems a bit behind the current MMO expectations of many players.  Haven't played the game so can't say anything beyond my initial comment based on what I read and saw.
  • RidrithRidrith Member RarePosts: 540
    I'm honestly not sure why a game like this exists, is there really a market for a title of this quality?  I mean don't get me wrong...  I've purchased and played my share of dated looking titles but at least they've got some unique aspect to it that encouraged to spend the money on them.  This game though?  Man...  I don't know.  Who'd buy this?  I'm not trying to be offensive.  It's a serious question.  Who'd purchase this title over any of the other B2P/F2P/P2P games out on the market right now?

  • Starburst77Starburst77 Member Posts: 17
    Wow you guys are still around? Ththat's great. I got the first version a while back and will be trying Ancients of Fasaria. Love fasaria world.


  • yodablazeyodablaze Member Posts: 234
    Originally posted by Starburst77
    Wow you guys are still around? Ththat's great. I got the first version a while back and will be trying Ancients of Fasaria. Love fasaria world.

    You can get a coupon key here:

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