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Settlement Recruitment: Bastion of Light

SirZacSirZac Member UncommonPosts: 22

Watch our video!

In a world full of strife and conflict, Full-Metal Syndicate brings hope and determination. We are blacksmiths, priests, soldiers, and Paladins! Come crowdforge a bastion of Light & Hope with us!

Gayme Øn - a LGBT social community


  • SirZacSirZac Member UncommonPosts: 22

    Full Metal Syndicate, in cooperation with Peace Through Vigilance, is excited to announce the name of our settlement in Pathfinder Online!

    Deep in the mountains and foothills of the River Kingdoms, Ozem’s Vigil will be a bastion of light in the darkness. We will build a Lawful Good community that is militant, religious, and welcoming to players & companies of a similar vein. We will be a diverse community, opening our gates to all kinds that have not strayed from the law or embraced evil.

    Playing it Lawful Good will be one of the hardest roles to play, yet one of the most powerful. Always abiding the law and avoiding evil acts will be a burden to some players, but there are rewards to reap for being quintessentially good and wholesome. We will revel in PvE content while vigilant against all evil-doers.

    We will build a strong a economy. One steeped in metal & stone, to befit a proper army. We will strive to be as vigilant as the Knights of Ozem were, in protecting their former leader, Iomedae. She is the goddess of righteous valor, justice, and honor in Golarion and a source of inspiration for our settlement. Religious-themed players, such as Paladins, Clerics, etc. will harmonize well with Ozem’s Vigil.

    righteous valor, justice, and honor; the hardest road

    Vote for the Settlement here! -||- Visit our Settlement website!

    PS - the Land Rush is finally live! If you are in Early Enrollment, now is the time to vote!

    Gayme Øn - a LGBT social community

  • SundraconSundracon Member Posts: 1
    Bah, this thread has been here for months and I didn't realize it... anyway here is an update from Bringslite.
    Originally posted by Bringslite

     Ozem's Vigil (check us out)

    From a single Company to a Grand Partnership.

    Built person by person, Company by Company.

    Embrace Your Inner Good Guy.

    When is it right to choose to be Awesome?


    Alignment will not be an issue for some time. The way that you approach the game and the environment that appeals to you will be an issue from Day One.

    Our Lawful Neutrals will ensure that we have [I]some[/I] laws, like positive behavior and high reputation.

    Our Neutral Goods will ensure that there is not too much law and that Freedom Reigns.

    Our Lawful Goods will balance that freedom and those few laws with everything that is positive and best for the whole Society.


    Just Remember This...


    Vote Here vote!


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