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DCU vs Champions!! Which is really better?

cybertruckercybertrucker Member UncommonPosts: 1,117

So every now and then i get bit by a radioactive bug that makes me want to don tights and go out and fight crime online. This is one of those times. I have played Champions a bit on and off (however I dont have it installed on my new laptop) Anyway I was debating installing it again or trying out DCUO... since i have SOE all access account anyway. IP wise I have always been a DC fan even more so than Marvel.

Anyway I downloaded DC and logged in and couldnt believe how limited the character creation was in comparison. The intro was fun but really no better than what CO had when i first started it. IT was neat to battle side by side with Superman as well. However I couldnt help to feel kinda let down by the lack of options..Also wanting to make a superslugger I thought it was dumb how I had to take ice/storm or energy type powers I didnt want.

Anyway this is to people who have played both.

Why play DCU or Champions over the other? Playstyle which  is more fun? They both look (graphically) and play very similiar at least to me. DC looks to have alot of people at least in the starting area. and PVP is definately going strong I got ganked about 10 minutes after walking out of the safe area. However PVP even though instanced In Champions was still fun. And the amounts of character customization was amazing also also Champions has tons of more unique and interesting travelling powers.

 So,Which of these 2 games is actually better. Ohh and not interested in CoHV.. I have played that one so much in the past not interested in it anymore.



  • CastillleCastillle Member UncommonPosts: 2,679

    I find Champions more aesthetically pleasing.  There is a more horizontal progression in CO as well when compared to DCUO.  Also more collectibles in CO. 


    I vote CO because you can sidekick to do group stuff, and I found CO to be flashier than dcuo in terms of fighting. DCUO does have the upper hand in comboes though. 

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  • cybertruckercybertrucker Member UncommonPosts: 1,117

    ya.. i keep trying to make a character in DCU and just keep getting frustrated by its design.. sigh.. Was cool fighting next to superman though.

    Which game do you think has more depth? gameplay wise.

  • s1fu71s1fu71 Member Posts: 220

    I've played both.

    To me, it really depends on what interests you.

    DC feels more action oriented. I like that feel over Champions.

    Champions has more character customization at the beginning. DC has more customization over time. 

    DC: You can get more "styles" for costume pieces over time in the game and in the "Vault."

    You can change how you look according to the styles of costume pieces you've collected.

    For me, I like the feel of gotham. And I like the story arcs for both Batman and the Joker.

    Graphics: Both games look good with the graphics turned all the way up.

    It's really to just a matter of preference, to me.

    I like the look, scenery and story better in DC. And I liked the way combat is handled in DC.

    Unless, I'm wrong about Champions, it also has a free to play model. Try both games til about lvl 10. I would guess by then you'll know which one works for you.

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  • DeathofsageDeathofsage Member UncommonPosts: 1,102

    I much more prefer the art style of CO.

    DCUO's combat is also much better with a controller, even on the PC. As much as I'm a fan of breaking away from tab target combat though, DCUO's feels flawed and clunky--better with a controller but still clunky.

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  • WithdemonWithdemon Member UncommonPosts: 35

    CO has amazing collection of Travel Powers,

    However, I find class powers for DCUO much better.


  • ZeroxinZeroxin Member UncommonPosts: 2,515

    Originally posted by Withdemon

    CO has amazing collection of Travel Powers,

    However, I find class powers for DCUO much better.


    True talk. If only when the Earth powers are released we could get some Tunnelling travel powers.. would be so awesome.

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  • evilastroevilastro Member Posts: 4,270

    To me, DCUO felt more like a console game more than a MMO. The combat is very action oriented and in my opinion, shallow.

    CO was more of a MMO to me, and the power sets and possible modifications were a lot more interesting. The problem I had with CO was that when I played it, it was a bit light in content once you hit end game. I havent played in about 8 months so I cant say what it is like now.

    But that was the differences in the games for me.

    In my opinion, CO > DCUO. But since both are using F2P models, just go try them both and see which you prefer.

  • ZeroxinZeroxin Member UncommonPosts: 2,515

    Originally posted by cybertrucker

    ya.. i keep trying to make a character in DCU and just keep getting frustrated by its design.. sigh.. Was cool fighting next to superman though.

    Which game do you think has more depth? gameplay wise.

    DCUO definitely has way more depth in combat. I'm an active PvPer and I've played both games so yea, definitely DCU. There's a lot to learn and discover about the combat system; how to properly dodge, when to block, when to roll and when not to roll, when to use certain powers to clip or combo into other powers or weapon attacks. Intricate stuff like that really makes DCU the better game for me.

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  • TheMinnTheMinn Member Posts: 397


  • greenie224greenie224 Member Posts: 37

    Whens the last time youve played CO? I bought the game at launch and was blown away at the options they had for character creation. However, I eventually quit. When it went f2p I decided to dl it again and the character creation options were extremely limited for f2p members... and you do not have access to all the transportation options anymore.

    This could be different now, but last I checked DCUO has way more to offer for no $$.

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  • ShakyMoShakyMo Member CommonPosts: 7,207

    city of heroes / city of villians

  • cybertruckercybertrucker Member UncommonPosts: 1,117

    So I figured i would give a bit of feedback now that I have been toying with both games for a little over a week.

    I have to say I am enjoying both games really. DCUO definately has the more advanced graphics, that being said they really arent better just more advanced. CO has a very comic book stylize graphic engine that really does emulate comics quite well, and if you turn the graphics all the way up the game world does look really good style.

    As far as overall gameplay opinion at least for me. In DCUO I have leveled a character to 12. In CO I have leveled a character to 18. So I have seemed to spend a bit more time in CO. DCUO seems to have smoother character controls, and a much better overall quest/mission system in place. However large chunks of the game world are completely devoid of life at leat in Metropolis area. The PVP in DCUO is really topnotch and alot of fun and adds an element of suspense that CO is lacking.

    CO however definately seems to have overall more depth, especially in character development. I started off first by doing FTP and quickly updated to a pay account. In the CO FTP you have a character archetype (with limited options for power types) as you level most of your abilities are chosen by that archetype and power set you chose. If you go gold the sheer amounts of options in CO is absolutely amazing. The mission system is pretty dated in CO for the basic stuff. HOWEVER.. The world in CO actually does a much better job at portraying a sense of disaster that is going on in certain areas. While both of them are fairly static. DCUO really never grabs you that something bad is really going on.  In CO however, when you go into a new area you immediately get the feeling of the Epic battles to come. The turmoils of the world are definately much better defined and realized.

    Obviously the IP of DCUO is so much more recognizable for the majority of the people. I used to play the PnP game of Champions which definately has helped me get into the stories for CO. However being able to fight alongside Superman is Topnotch. Even though I hated  the way the did The Flash who was my favorite hero back in the days when I collected. Superman was right there with him though.

    Right now its really to hard for me to decide which one I think is really better. I will keep playing both for now when I am not logged into EQ2 or working (which work takes most my time).

    Ohh one  last note. The community in CO so far seems much more sociable.. Then again a large majority of the people I see communicating in DCUO dont even speak english which is kind of a killer.

  • CeridithCeridith Member UncommonPosts: 2,980

    Originally posted by ShakyMo

    city of heroes / city of villians


  • tixylixtixylix Member UncommonPosts: 1,288

    I hate them both, too much instancing.

  • GrayGhost79GrayGhost79 Member UncommonPosts: 4,775

    DCUO has the better look and the better combat

    CO has the better constume and power combinations

    Neither is really worth more than a romp once in a blue moon though.

    To shallow in the end.

  • spitfire1064spitfire1064 Member Posts: 61

    City Of Heroes.

  • slygamer1979slygamer1979 Member UncommonPosts: 101

    I never played CO really but i have played City of Heroes which has been shutdown from what i heard which breaks my heart and i've been trying to get back into DC the problem for me is lack of powers/weapons, people to choose and all especially since all six leaders are basiclly different side to the same coin.

    on top of this the new powers you gotta actually buy so the game isn't as free to play as people think.

    i'd love to try the new powers to see if i'd be able to get into the game more because the standard stuff is just dull.

  • AzucArSaladAzucArSalad Member UncommonPosts: 62

    I have played both for a bit but I have not seen their end game content. The only reason I see to play one these games is if you are looking for a superhero MMORPG or for a decent f2p game without aiming to a dedicated-time-hardcore gaming experience. If you like Diablo-style games, I would recommend you to try Marvel Heroes (f2p).

    With the above premises on mind, DC beats CO by K.O. if you can:

    1. If you can get accustomed to the combat system of DC. The combat system is a mix of a console action game. Playing it on PC can be weird at the beginning:

    • you need to constantly be moving.
    • the basic attack skills are like an action RPG of a console. Combinations of tapping and holding x1, x2,  x3, x4 times the left and right buttons of the mouse. The combinations and the effect of these basic skills are different depending on the type of weapon you are holding. There are 10 of them with a mix of melee and range effects.
    • additionally, you have up to 6 special skills, a med pack and 4 trinkets that you can use with the the keyboard. 

    2. If you can live with the f2p model of DC. Or you do not play much at all, or you are willing to spend from time to time some real money in their store to buy downloadable packs (DLC's) which expands the game - 9 euro per download. If you want to advance in the end game, you are forced to buy these DLC which

    • you can buy and use for ever at your own peace adjusting to the rhythm you advance, or
    • you can subscribe and have access to all the game while you pay.

    Besides, there is a very low and annoying limit of the gold you can have in your pocket as a f2p player. If you spend at least 5 euro on the game, you get a Preferred status witch allows you to have 6 toons instead of 2 and to have a bit more money pocket room (but still insufficient).

    Above said, these are my points to say DC beats CO:

    1. Better immersion because:
    • Graphics and designs of cities. DC has 3D "real" graphics while CO has comic graphics. DC has high buildings, CO has not so tall buildings.
    • Music. CO has not music and the FX effects while fighting are poor.
    • Travelling system. All have at least: fly, athletic (Batman - Spiderman type) and speed (Flash type). CO has more variations of these 3 basic types. Nevertheless, you cannot compare the DC immersion feeling of flying between/above high skyscrapers or scaling their walls and jumping and gliding from one roof to another with the flat CO feeling of flying above cartoon buildings or bouncing above them.
    1. Housing. DC has a basic free housing system (where you can save 1 set of skills and gear for free, you need to buy with real money for saving more sets). Housing is instanced. Buying the expanded-housing DLC, you get more housing options, companions, additional modifications for your equipment, special AoE skill and also more PvE and PvP missions.
    2. I you can get accustomed to DC combat system, you won't want to go back to the traditional target and click click pew pew system.
    The only one thing that I found CO is better above DC is that is easier to find and join events in the world. Also; CO might have more personalization options of costumes, but DC has enough for me.

    These are my 2 cents. Have fun.


  • Dreamo84Dreamo84 Member UncommonPosts: 3,713
    Personally I would say DCUO. The combat has issues but over all it just feels like a better game. And the customization gets a lot better as you level.

    CO just feels like a lesser version of CoX.

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