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  • kensuukekensuuke Member UncommonPosts: 1
    Im in love with this game, i play with friends and we find a Hispanic guild with too much good friends.. So the community and the Combat System are my fav things.
  • soulzaoptsoulzaopt Member UncommonPosts: 2

    Well, I'd have to say the unique PvP system. They have jump, jump-attacks, block, evasion, pulls, grabs and run available while fighting. Plus, there's one arena where your stats are matched, so that equips don't matter and it's all about skill. With what I said above, they did a pretty good job in natural advantages that one class could have over another. If one skill set is better against a certain school, there's always the dodging, timing, combo and distance factor in there, making it all about skill. By doing this, they eliminate the chance of the game becoming Pay2Win. 

    Other than that, each school has 3 initial skillsets, but you are allowed to make a custom one. This allows you to have PvE skill sets, PvP ones for each class you're facing and for every other instance/dungeon/etc. This way you don't have to keep chaning your skills or have multiple interface bars

    They also have a very competitive system to stimulate players to PvP. Other than the usual rewards, they have cross-server matches and the best-rated 32 players enter a tournament to decide who's the best Swordsman. But that's not all, other players can also place bets on these tournaments, turning the attention of a whole server into these battles, like it was held in some huge colosseum with thousands watching. Really unique and interesting if you ask me.

  • lockjaw35lockjaw35 Member Posts: 1
    Wish they had better classes but the game is still fun enough.


  • syndrom666syndrom666 Member CommonPosts: 1
    Guild system is the best future in game. The guild learn a discipline and give a friendship. If you play with a great warriors youcan bcome a real hero.
  • norman728norman728 Member UncommonPosts: 146
    The Combat is fun
  • debretedebrete Member UncommonPosts: 2
    Guild Events like fest, challenge, detective, massacre, etc.
  • jove28jove28 Member Posts: 1
    Treasure maps! <3<3<3!!!
  • ZeddakisZeddakis Member UncommonPosts: 156
    I'm just here for the freebies.
  • hazexmhazexm Member UncommonPosts: 2

    It has a great and fun combat system,Nice Visuals,a great story for an mmorpg game,good Guild system,10 schools so i can try any of them if i am bored,pvp is fun and you can fly :P

    It's a perfect game and it's F2P

  • aldozetaldozet Member Posts: 1

    Combat and mixing different styles and treasure hunting


  • fascismfascism Member UncommonPosts: 409
    I like the ridiculous story and voice acting, its funny.
  • LahuzerLahuzer Member UncommonPosts: 782
    That would be the story and ofc the martial arts settings.
  • sgmfarizsgmfariz Member Posts: 1
    Lots and lots of events and quests! Very few games have this kind of features at this age now.. congratz Perfect World.. totally "Perfect!"
  • ganjinuganjinu Member Posts: 1

    I love the guild mechanics of Bandit and Mercenary, where we get to visit guilds and sneak about in their base stealing artifacts and even materials to help upgrade your base. Not to mention the challenge that can surprise many people which is of course more realistic by planning out and doing an all out surprise attack.

    I also love the refining system in this game where we don't have to worry about breaking them or spending a lot of money on them. Its rewarding when you know your efforts won't be wasted when you refine.

  • JarudenceJarudence Member Posts: 1
    My favorite feature has to be the Self-Cultivation setting. You get to set everything up and just let my character fight all night as long as I have enough drive and world points. I just got so excited when that setting just popped up while I was leveling.
  • engskiiengskii Member Posts: 1
    I love the pvp :D
  • scalazenscalazen Member CommonPosts: 6
    The great combat each class is pretty balanced making open world PvP fantastic! Thank you!
  • bakedsterbakedster Member Posts: 1
    Auto pathing is definitely a great feature. But, I just love the battle system and the awesome skills even more. The skills are not your typical boring skills you get in every game until you reach the end-game levels. You get intriguing and fondling skills right from the get-go. It makes the game much fun to play, even from the early levels.
  • zigalucardzigalucard Member UncommonPosts: 128
    Love the feel of the combat and just kung fu is fun.
  • TanonTanon Member UncommonPosts: 176
    The best part about the game is that you don't start out in rags. Even the beginner armour looks good and fits the martial-arts theme.
  • EmbermagmaEmbermagma Member Posts: 1
    Making your own combos
  • snixnixsnixnix Member Posts: 1

    Guild system in Swordsman Online in two ways have revolutionized what mmo guilds can be.  There is the ability to break down guilds into distinct branches and give a guild many options of how they decide to set up a multi-brached system of leadership.  

    Secondly:  The political landscape of guilds can be show on the map.  Alliances control trade routes.  The way the landscape of the game evolves with guild alliances.

  • Mo1910Mo1910 Member UncommonPosts: 1
    Tactics mode in the pvp arena! It's not very often that you see an MMO that allows you to get truly balanced pvp. Not having to worry about how much the other person spent in the cash shop, how one of their pieces of gear might be better than yours or if they're five levels higher than you is simply awesome.
  • gooniebirdgooniebird Member UncommonPosts: 1
    The story and setting.
  • zinger71zinger71 Member UncommonPosts: 65
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