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Should I even try it?

rubydragon5rubydragon5 Member UncommonPosts: 692

I am looking for a game to play with lots of pvp and shadowbanes features are exactly what im looking for, BUT

I hear ltos of bad things about it. I hear its full of greifers, exploits, the graphics are outdated, population is non existant.

The two things that bother me are lack of population and greifers.

I like to have lots of people to be socialize online with when playing a mmorpg I dont want it to feel like im playing a console game.

Also I know every game has greifers but I hear SB is pretty infested with them atm.

Can someone tell me a little about how the game is doing right now and if its worth giving a try?

I come from Eve online so I have pretty high expectations I expect met.


  • SentySenty Member Posts: 10

    Vindication has a good population level, but you still need to find a guild to lvl with once you leave newbie isle at lvl 22.

    As far as griefing goes, the game is all about griefing, especially so with the lore rule set.  Everyone is out against each other and it's usually safer to kill blue dots (other guilds).  Also most people won't spare you because you're lower level.  It's just another reason to find a guild you can go xp with.

    If you don't find a guild with at least a few people on at the times you play, you won't have much fun.

  • Edward78Edward78 Member Posts: 245

    I am once again thinking about going back, but really there isn'y much to do in game. The prob. is it is the only game with real pvp so that is the only thing going for it, if the pop. was better I would totaly go back. Now it is hard if not imposible to find any action.

  • SentySenty Member Posts: 10
    Finding action on Vindication is really not all that difficult.  The quickest ways are the hotzones and mines which are the basic places but you can also roam around zones and really shouldn't have too much trouble finding leveling groups to attack if you know which spawns to look in on.
  • DaftDaft Member UncommonPosts: 165

    i'm kinda burnt out on every game on this site so i guess ill give this one a try. I am curently downloading the game and i am gona probably go on the Vindication server since the last poster said it's got a good population.

    So who said they were gona invite me to a guild?image

  • SentySenty Member Posts: 10
    Vindication Enlistment would be a good place to start,
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